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Dr.  Sirus  Aryainejad

Dr. Sirus Aryainejad

Associate Professor

Office: 2440 - Physical Science
Phone: 217-581-6339


M.S. in Physics and Mathematics
Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)  - 1980

Ph.D. in Experimental Low - Temperature Superconductivity
Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) - 1983




Since I have received my Ph.D. I have been involved in many fields of researches.  To name a few, I have done active research in: Particle Physics (both particle structure and field), general relativity and gravitation, Black Hole internal ElectroMagnetic (E&M) structure, atomic and molecular physics, the behavior of light in E&M fields, Biophysics, room temperature superconductivity, fusion energy, and Neural Networks.

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