Physics Department Award Winners


October 2010 - Dr. Joshi and Dr. Daniels received a CFR Grant to start a project on Optical Tweezers.

September 2010 -  The Department of Physics was selected as the recipient from the College of Sciences for the "Excellence in the Use of Technology" Award presented annually by the Center for Academic Technology Support (CATS).

July 2010 - Dr. Brandt and Dr. Daniels received two Redden Fund Grants for improvement of undergraduate teaching. These grants are from a program of the EIU Foundation.

June 2010 -  Tyler Linder, an undergraduate Physics major, received an award from Astronomical Research Institute and NASA for his work in tracking Killer Asteroids.

May 2010 -  Dr. Amitabh Joshi received a Cottrell College Science Award from the Reserach Corp. This competitive grant will help Dr. Joshi build his research on Quantum Memory and Information Processing Using Multi-Level Electromagnetically Induced Transparency System.

April 2010 -  Dr. Jie Zou and her student Alex Meadows were awarded a research grant from the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Council for the fall semester. He will be working on “Computer Simulations of the Operation of an Atomic Force Microscope and a Scanning Thermal Microscop e.” Dr. Zou also receives a grant to help with this project. 

March 2010 - Dr. Jie Zou received a Council of Faculty Research Summer Grant.

March 2010 - Dr. Jim Conwell was awarded the 2010 COS Student Advisory Board Outstanding Faculty Award. This award is selected by students and honors Dr. Conwell's commitment and quality of teaching.

March 2010 Mike Chastain and Josh Harden received Scholars in Undergraduate Research at Eastern (SURE) awards. Their mentors are, Jie Zou and Amit Joshi respectively.

February 2010 - The Physics Department was awarded the Provost's Award for Assessment. The award was a second place for outstanding achievement in program assessment. 

February 2010 Dr. Amitabh Joshi was awarded a College of Sciences Seed Grant Award. This monetary award helped Dr. Joshi purchase equipment for his research initiative.

January 2010 - Robert E. Holmes, Jr., adjunct EIU Physics faculty, was the recipient of the 2009 Edgar Wilson Award for the discovery of comets by amateurs during the calendar year ending June 11, 2009.  He discovered comet C/2008 N1 on 2008 July 1. 

December 2009 -  Dr. Zou and Dr. Joshi each won a College of Sciences Early Research Support Grant to aid in their research efforts.