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The philosophy faculty at Eastern is excellent. Many of the philosophy professors have received excellence in teaching awards in recent years. The faculty at Eastern has also published many books (including, Dr. Aylesworth’s English translations of important but previously untranslated lectures by the philosophical giant Martin Heidegger and Dr. Beakley’s Philosophy of Mind: Classic Problems/Contemporary Issues which is one of the most respected texts on the subject).

The philosophy faculty at Eastern has also published in many respected academic journals and prestigious encyclopedias including (among others):

  • The British Journal for the History of Philosophy
  • Journal of Philosophical Research
  • Synthese
  • Epestemologia
  • Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly
  • Dialogue and Universalism
  • Journal of Aesthetic Education
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

In addition, EIU philosophy faculty have additional books under contract at various presses and are continually publishing in scholarly journals. Many of these projects involve collaborative work between philosophy faculty and students.So please feel free to get involved!