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Prowl Assistance Staff

Prowl Leader - now hiring!

Prowl Leaders will have the opportunity to build relationships, interact with University staff and faculty, and lead a team of peers. Individuals selected will serve as mentors and role models and be responsible for making new students’ experience during Opening Weekend and Prowl fun, eventful, and informative.

Logistics Prowl Leader

New Student Programs is seeking well-rounded students to work directly with the Prowl staff. This position's main responsibility will be to ensure all physical set-up needs for the Prowl Program. 

For more information on Prowl Leaders and Logistics Prowl Leaders and how to apply click here.


Program Specialists - Hired in Fall

Program Specialists participate in the development and implementation of Debut, Prowl, Freshmen Initiatives, Transfer Initiatives, and Leadership programs at EIU. Program individuals will play a key role in the recruitment, orientation, and transition process of nearly 2,000 new students and their families.  (These positions require individuals to work at EIU during the summer.)

    •  Logistics & Program Development Specialists
    •  Marketing & Team Development Specialists

For more information on Specialists tasks and how to apply click here.

Orientation & Transition Staff - Hired in Fall

Debut Leader (Orientation, Advisement & Registration Staff)

Debut Leaders have the unique opportunity to be the first face of the University presented to incoming students and families. (This position requires individuals to work at EIU during the summer.)

Senior Prowl Leader (Fall/Spring Transition Staff)

Senior Prowl Leaders will have the opportunity to build relationships, interact with University staff and faulty, and lead a team of Prowl Leaders. (This position requires individuals to return to campus 10 days prior to the start of the fall semester and/or 3 days prior to the spring semester.) 

Transfer Transition Leader (Orientation and Transition Staff)

Transfer Transition Leaders will serve their fellow transfers during the Orientation, Advisement & Registration Program (Debut) and the Transition Program (Prowl) in a variety of ways including leading small groups, facilitating educational sessions, and being a resource to transfer students in the residence halls.

For more information on Debut, Senior Prowl, and Transfer Transition Leaders and how to apply click here.