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Music Technology Laboratory


Music Technology Lab


The Music Technology Laboratory is open to all students who are taking music classes, to work on class assignments and outside-of-class practice, technical exploration and research, or for their own projects. 

Also a classroom, the lab provides access to hardware and software for use in music theory/ear training, music notation, audio recording and editing, MIDI sequencing, synthesis/audio processing, graphics, scanning, word processing and more.

The Music Tech Lab offers employment opportunities for students to work as lab monitors, and is managed by one of our Graduate Assistants.


Twenty 2.66Ghz dual processor iMac computers, and one Mac Pro tower at the instructor’s station.  Two computers have scanners, and there is a printer in the lab.

Each computer is connected to an M-Audio music keyboard- most are 49-key, but there are four 61-key and two 88-key devices.  These keyboard controllers also function as audio interfaces.  The lab also houses a Yamaha Clavinova.  Sony and M-Audio headphones are available from the laboratory attendant.


In addition to a full complement of regular Mac software, each computer is loaded with the following software:
  • Finale
  • Sibelius
  • Logic Pro
  • Ableton Live
  • Audacity
  • MacGamut
  • iTunes
  • GarageBand
  • Photoscore Lite
  • PD Extended
  • OmniGraffle
  • SoundHack
  • Soundflower