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Dr. James Novak

Dr. James Novak

Office: Life Science Annex 1162
Phone: 217-581-6241
Email: jmnovak@eiu.edu
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Dr. Novak's primary research interests are in the field of ecological genetics. He uses wildlife species as his focal organisms for study. Since ecological genetics involves the interaction of organisms with their environment he also utilizes the effects of anthropogenic stressors to look at genotoxic effects on wildlife populations. Currently he is working on the evolution of organismal form (size, shape and symmetry) and the use of form components as tools for the management of wildlife populations and as effects biomarkers in ecotoxicological studies.

Students wishing to work with Dr. Novak should either have, or have a desire to develop, skills in statistical analysis and population or quantitative genetics and the desire to learn the application of genetic techniques, such as DNA strand breakage assays, to problems in ecotoxicology.