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Our Mission and Goals

Minority Affairs Mission

Our office endeavors to pursue, promote, and maintain programs that will heighten the awareness, presence, and success of minorities and other under-represented groups on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.

“Nuestra oficina se concentra en atener las metas de promulgar, anunciar y mantener programas que demonstran el conocimiento, la presencia y el éxito de las minorias y otros grupos que se encuentran deficientemente representados en la Eastern Illinois University.”

2007-2008 Goals/Objectives

  1. Increase effectiveness of minority affairs area by:
    1. To increase awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism across the academic community.
    2. Develop and promote events that recognize diverse cultural heritage.
    3. Offer diversity education workshops for resident assistants, faculty, staff and administrators.
    4. Provide more opportunities for faculty and staff of color to interact with students of color.
    5. Expanding Latino and other cultural programmatic activities.
  2. Expand and improve the Gateway program.
    1. Create follow-up program for Gateway program alumni.
    2. Establish yearly focus groups for program effectiveness.
  3. Expand and improve the TRiO program.
    1. Increase faculty participation in the faculty mentor program.
    2. Increase number of students participating in all programs.
  4. Improve retention and graduation rates of minority students.
    1. Create an accurate database for all students of color.
    2. Provide opportunities for students of color to link their education with diverse experiences (internships, study abroad, NSE, etc.).
  5. Improve minority student recruitment.
    1. Work with TRiO Upward Bound programs, high schools and alumni for additional recruitment initiatives.
    2. Assist with improvement of yield rate for incoming students of color.
  6. Increase the number of grants awarded to EIU for support of minority and other underrepresented student groups and implements them.
  7. Increase development activities for the minority affairs area.
  8. Monitor and improve campus climate.