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Classes are offered in Charleston at EIU's Main campus and also at Parkland Community College in Champaign, IL. Students can attend classes at either location towards their MBA degree.

Time to Degree

Each student is provided with an individualized course plan that outlines semester-by-semester the courses that they can complete to graduate by their preferred graduate date. This could be one, two, three, or even four classes per semester. We recommend a part-time student take one or two classes per term (many part-time students will enroll in two classes in Fall and Spring, and one class in Summer). Full-time students taking 3 classes in Fall and Spring semesters, with 2 classes in a Summer semester can complete Phase II of the MBA program in 4 semesters (18 to 24 months). We also offer an accelerated option, taking 4 classes in Fall and Spring semesters, and 3 classes in Summer to complete Phase II of the MBA program in 12 calendar months. Student may have up to six years to complete their MBA degrees through EIU, but most students finish within 18 months to 36 months.

Course Offerings and Degree Customization

Six MBA classes, or 18 credit hours, are taken by all MBA students. The remaining 15 credit hours (five classes) are specific to your option or concentration. Research Option students will collaborate with their faculty mentor to select a mutually agreeable topic. Applied Management students can select from numerous MBA program electives (as well as study abroad, independent research projects, internships), from a list of pre-approved graduate-level courses at EIU, or with approval of the Graduate Coordinator, other classes offered at EIU listed at 4750 or higher.


Unique Programming

We offer two types of capstone experience: a traditional academic thesis and a creative thesis. A traditional thesis provides students an opportunity to engage in original research that can make an important contribution to the field. Students may also complete a creative thesis, which can be thought of as an advanced applied project in the student's area of interest. This allows our students who are professionally oriented to design and engage in a capstone project that can add substantial applied work to their graduate experience.

In both cases students get to work closely with a faculty advisor on a project tailored to their interests and desired program outcomes. More specifically, students who plan to go on to a doctoral program can complete a traditional thesis. Student who would like to become a PR professional, for example, may choose an applied project that allows them to develop a PR campaign while making a significant addition to their professional portfolio. This freedom allows students to personalize their program of study in important ways, tailoring their graduate studies to their interests.


Networking and Professional Development

With an impressive list of successful graduates and many other business contacts at its disposal, the MBA program at EIU put students in contact with accomplished professionals who can pass along information and knowledge that will help them succeed in the work force.

Additionally, the professional experience and relevant coursework offered to students is designed to help them build an understanding of what it takes to succeed after they finish their degrees. We want our students to leave college with some “real-world” experiences under their belt.

MBA 5900: Capstone Simulation

Learn how Eastern Illinois University Students consistently compete in the top tiers of the Capstone management simulation.



At EIU, we take pride in making a quality education affordable, and the MBA program is no exception. In addition to our competitive tuition rates, students have the chance to compete for a number of program-specific scholarships as well as numerous other financial aid opportunities.