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Don’t delay your dream of completing an MBA degree any longer! If you have been putting off your plans to pursue an MBA degree because you thought it would be too time-consuming to complete all of the Phase I undergraduate prerequisites, the MBA Program Modules will allow you to complete some of the Program's Phase I prerequisites without having to take semester-long classes.

Each module consists of six hours of face-to-face instruction, taught over two evenings, with three hours of instruction each evening. The modules cover the essential material that is necessary for you to be successful in the MBA class that requires it as a prerequisite. For instance, the BUS 3010 module covers the essential prerequisite material for the MBA 5680 class that requires BUS 3010 as a prerequisite.

We regularly offer modules for eight of our eleven Phase I prerequisites according to the following schedule*:

  • Modules for BUS 2101, BUS 2102, BUS 3010 and BUS 3500 are offered every August*
  • Modules for BUS 2810, BUS 3470, BUS 3710 and BUS 3950 are offered every January*

The cost of each module is only $350, not including the cost of the textbook that you are required to purchase for the module. Modules are conveniently offered the month before each fall and spring semester begins, so that you can use the modules to fulfill prerequisites for the upcoming semester. Modules do not show up on your transcript and can only be used to fulfill a prerequisite for the EIU MBA Program—they are not transferable to other programs at EIU, nor do they transfer to other institutions. Modules require the same prerequisites as the class that they are replacing. Thus, the prerequisites for the BUS 2102 module are BUS 2101 (or the BUS 2101 module), BUS 3950 module are BUS 3010 (or the BUS 3010 module) and BUS 2810 (or the BUS 2810 module).

The modules prepare students well for the MBA classes that require the prerequisite knowledge. Often, the modules are taught by the MBA faculty members who teach the corresponding MBA courses.

If you have further questions or if you wish to receive e-mails on our module offerings, contact the EIU MBA program at 217-581-3028 or by sending an e-mail to mba@eiu.edu.  If you would like to be added to an email list to receive information about future module offerings, please complete this online form:


*Modules are offered if minimum enrollment is met.