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Graduate Assistantship
There are many benefits to having a graduate assistantship:

  • Monthly Stipend
  • Tuition Waiver
  • Opportunity to work closely with distinguished faculty
  • Access to faculty lounge
  • 24/7 access to the MBA graduate assistant office and resources in Lumpkin Hall


Preference will be given for three of our twelve MBA graduate assistantship positions to students who are willing to commit to the MBA with Research Option program. If you are interested in applying for one of these three GA positions, your online MBA application should indicate that you are applying for the MBA with Research Option and you should also state this preference in your GA cover letter where you outline your skills and abilities. The students who are chosen to fill these positions shall be called research graduate assistants. Although all graduate assistants are asked for their preferences in their assignments, a special effort will be made to ensure that research graduate assistants are given appropriate research-based assignments. A research graduate assistant who switches to the MBA with Accountancy Concentration program or MBA with Applied Management Option program will lose their GA position (it would be given to another student who applied but was not previously selected as a GA).

Thus, at least 9 out of our 12 GA positions are available for students in any of our three MBA programs (MBA with Applied Management Option, MBA with Accountancy Concentration and MBA with Research Option). If there are not three applicants who meet our expectations for research graduate assistantship positions who are willing to commit to being MBA with Research Option students, then those positions will be open to all graduate assistantship applicants including those who are in the MBA with Applied Management Option and MBA with Accountancy Concentration programs. If there are more than three applicants who meet our expectations for research graduate assistantship positions who are willing to commit to being MBA with Research Option students, then more than three research graduate assistantships may be awarded, or those applicants will be considered for regular graduate assistantship positions.


Would you like to work closely with one or more of the distinguished faculty at EIU, gaining invaluable professional references? What if you were paid a monthly stipend and given a tuition waiver in the process? Well, that is what a graduate assistantship in EIU's MBA program can offer you!

A GA in EIU's MBA program is assigned to work with a faculty member based on the student's skills, expertise, experience, and future goals. The selection process is, no doubt, a competitive one, but the benefits of being selected are tremendous. Graduate assistantship applications can be sent with the application for admission. But don't delay! To be considered for a position beginning in the fall semester, applicants must have all program admission materials and GA application materials submitted by March 4. Sometimes, one-semester GA positions become available in the spring; deadline for spring application is December 1. Submit GA applications to the MBA office. Find out more about graduate assistantships through EIU's graduate school website. For your convenience GA applications are available online.

The Graduate School's Graduate Assistant Handbook is online. Click here to access the School of Business' Graduate Assistant Guidelines.


To be considered for a School of Business graduate assistantship, you must be fully admitted to the MBA program. In addition to the graduate school graduate assistantship application, you must submit a letter of application outlining your skills and abilities to mba@eiu.edu.

Graduate Assistantship application materials deadline: March 4.