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"The MBA program at Eastern Illinois University provided me ith the practical application of theory, changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process.  It helped me to develop the right managerial tools to identify problems, analyze situations and formulate appropriate strategies for problem solving.

The program gave me the necessary education and confidence for my next career challenge of becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

The MBA program was a personal milestone which contributed both to my personal growth and professional development of an international career.  It provided me with networks and open-mindedness resulting from interactions with people performing internationally.  Attending the MBA program as an international student of German origin, I obtained a cross-cultural background and became more able to work in different cultures, which improved my employment prospects."

Mrs. Elina Schmidt-Hallard
MBA, 2003

Deloitte-In Extenso
Paris, France

Elina Schmidt-Hallard
Paul Blair
“The MBA program provided me with a personalized education, complete with practical knowledge that easily conveyed to real world business situations. The extensive case study work teaches the MBA student how to work in a team environment. I gained a tremendous amount of practice in speaking in front of groups, which has served me well in my career. The EIU MBA provided me with very specific technical knowledge and the ability to take on special projects in my career.”

Mr. Paul Blair, MBA, Fall 1992
Founder and Principal
IROutsourced LLC
Leesburg, IN

"The EIU MBA program has provided me with the necessary skill sets to prepare me for the working world. The small class sizes provide a personal learning environment that fosters the development of communication and leadership skills. This environment has helped produce close bonds with my MBA program peers that will be there for the rest of my life."

Mr. Logan Slipetz, MBA, Summer 2007
Business Analyst
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Chicago, IL

Logan Slipetz

“In both a personal and professional way Eastern has touched my life. As I advance in my career and continue to set goals and grow professionally, I realize how vital my education from EIU is in today’s business world.”

Ms. Tisha Pfeiffer, MBA, Fall 2002
Senior Accountant, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, Inc 
Arthur, IL

“The Eastern Illinois University MBA provides students with a rigorous academic challenge united with a rich personal development experience. The community of dedicated faculty and engaged students allow for invaluable mentoring and teamwork opportunities.”

Mr. Paul Brown, MBA, Summer 2004
MIS Instructor
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL

Paul Brown
John Cole

“The smaller class sizes afforded students the opportunity to connect with instructors more easily. The professors push hard toward the application of the material through research and presentation of results and impact. In my current position, this has been critical to my day-to-day achievements, but also in my career and in positioning myself for overall success, the MBA program at EIU has been invaluable. If you asked me what I am using in my current position that I learned in the EIU MBA program, I would respond, ‘what am I not using!’”

Mr. John P. Cole, MBA, Fall 1989
Chief Financial Officer
Walker Furniture
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The EIU MBA program has provided the advanced skill set to enhance my business, leadership and management skills and has given me the confidence to take on challenges in my career. The flexibility and convenience of a part-time program offers the ability to take classes at an off campus location without diluting the content of a traditional MBA.”

Ms. Tessa Hile, MBA, Spring 2005
Associate Director-Chief Financial Officer
Campus Recreation
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Tessa Hile

“The EIU MBA program is what made me stand out during the selection process for my position. I am on a fast track to a GS-12 level and higher visibility with our headquarters in Virginia. My MBA provided me with a thorough understanding of marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, demand planning, supplier relationship management, cost analysis. I also learned the importance of being able to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. My MBA has put me one step ahead of my counterparts here at DSCC. Soon I'll be in the Executive Mentor Program and well on my way to higher management.”

Mr. David A. Shaw, MBA, Summer 2004
Business Process Analyst
Defense Logistics Agency 
Defense Supply Center Columbus
Columbus, OH

Kelsey Lading

“The program enhanced my communication and leadership skills to prepare me for future partnership with my firm. My external graduate assistant position helped me to secure a full-time position upon my graduation.”

Ms. Kelsey Swing, MBA, Spring 2005
Partner, CPA
Gilbert, Metzger & Madigan LLP
Charleston, IL

“I consider the EIU MBA program one of the most realistic experiences I have ever had. A professional teaching staff with appropriate backgrounds, friendly environment, and constant pursuit for academic excellence are the key elements of such a valuable experience. Diverse professional and student backgrounds played a significant role in my positive experiences at Eastern. Constant pursuit of academic excellence and a focus on knowledge transfer in such disciplines as Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Modeling, Marketing, and Organizational Behavior ensured that I was prepared to make good business decisions.”

Mr. Bassang Malunov, MBA, Spring 2002
Senior Business Risk Services Auditor 
Ernst & Young LLP
San Francisco, CA

Bassang Malounov
Nathan Englehardt

In my career, I have not yet faced a situation that I was not prepared for because of my experience at Eastern. Whether it was from a lecture series, project team, or one-on-one time with faculty, my development in the program exceeded my expectations and has provided me with much confidence in taking an active role in developing global strategies and implementing innovative ideas.

Mr. Nathan B. Englehardt, MBA, Spring 2002
Pricing Consultant
Global Revenue Management
Caterpillar, Inc.

The MBA program at Eastern prepared me more for my current career than I could have ever expected. Working on a daily basis with such a diverse group of people provided me with a realistic look at what the business world is like. As a graduate assistant, helping undergraduate students provided me with a preview of the consulting work that I currently do as a financial advisor. The study habits that I developed enabled me to successfully pass the NASD Series 7 and 66 as well as the state insurance licenses. Most of all, the caring nature of the MBA faculty provided inspiration and instilled in me the confidence that is needed to be successful!

Mr. Bryan R Huhn, MBA, Fall 2004
Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial Services
Chicago, IL

Bryan Huhn
Lisa Sanders

“The MBA program at Eastern has equipped me with the necessary education and confidence to face my next career challenge of becoming a CPA. The program offered me a high quality education with flexible hours and convenient locations for the working professional. When graduating from EIU, you are not walking away with just another MBA degree but an established network of exceptional educators and friends.”

Ms. Lisa A. Sanders, MBA, Spring 2005
Staff Accountant
Dunbar, Breitweiser & Company, LLP
Bloomington, IL

“The teamwork skills I gained from the many teams in the MBA program allowed me to fit right in with my sales partners here at Pfizer and hit the ground running. Also, the long term view of business that is infused in the MBA program is the way I view my business as I forge relationships with physicians. The work ethic that I developed in the MBA program is something I will use for the rest of my life. My MBA from Eastern put me a step ahead of my competition.”

Mr. Ryan Spatz, MBA, Summer 2004
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 
Primary Healthcare Representative
Springfield, IL

The MBA program at EIU became both the foundation and a big stepping stone in my personal and professional development. After graduation I received an offer from Philips Electronics, followed by a management role at Autodesk and, most recently, my joining the Corporate Sales and Strategy team at Adobe.

Looking back I agree with those who say that the school alone is not a guarantee of success or fulfillment. However, I strongly believe that the Lumpkin School of Business teaches its students a truly global perspective, a significant part of which comes from students themselves. I personally define a good school not in terms of teaching but rather in ways it stimulates the hunger for new learning. It's up to each student to make as much use of the information, resources and wisdom available to him. I know I emerged a better person upon graduation.

I will always carry a bit of Eastern with me.

Mr. Yevgeniy Sergunov, MBA, Fall 2007
Sr. Manager of Business Strategy and e-Commerce
Adobe Systems
San Francisco, CA

 Yevgeniy Sergunov


Jared Mathey



The professors are there to teach. As such, they are readily accessible and share a genuine interest in the students’ successes professionally and often personally. As a graduate of the MBA program, I was prepared to meet the challenges of the global business environment.

Mr. Jared Mathey, MBA, Spring 2005