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Knowing a second language has never limited an individual's possibilities in the world.

A strong background in foreign language studies can lead to varied, interesting and lucrative career opportunities in fields such as business, government or education. A major in foreign languages can be a stepping stone to language-centered jobs such as interpreter, translator or teacher, as well as a complement for jobs in which foreign language skills are valuable.

Knowing a language other than English is also an asset for a wide range of jobs that do not require any specific major. Foreign language-related careers are interesting and varied, and include the following:

  • Foreign Language Teaching
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Business Jobs (Bilingual assistant or international sales representative, for example.)
  • Tourism (Hotel chains, airlines, travel agencies.)
  • Social Work
  • Communications Personnel (Radio/television, journalism, advertising.)
  • Library Sciences
  • Publishing
  • Health Care
  • Government Jobs

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