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Faculty Excellence

Our faculty cares. We care about our students. Our faculty takes pride in fostering relationships with students that will help them succeed professionally and in life even though we have one of the largest departments on campus. We care about our programs. Our faculty continually enhances each of our four undergraduate major options to be among the forefront of national changes and initiatives. We care about our university. Our faculty takes advantage of opportunities to promote Eastern’s continued success through fundraising, volunteer work, recruitment and retention, and campus governance. We care about our disciplines. Our academically-diverse faculty produces cutting-edge research that is widely disseminated and well received while also taking on leadership roles in local, state, national, and international discipline-specific associations.

Excellence in Service

Excellence in service

Mark Kattenbraker and Kevin Hussey chaperoned 11 EIU students to Springfield, IL on March 19 for the annual Shape Up Illinois legislative action day sponsored by the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Professionals and students from across Illinois spent the day meeting with legislators to promote the continued need for quality health and physical education in the public schools.




Hands-on Opportunities

Alexandra Washkowiak

Alexandra Washkowiak

"IAHPERD is an organization dedicated to improving the effectiveness of health, physical education, recreation, and dance. I first got involved with the organization last spring, while attending the program Shape Up in Springfield, IL. Shape Up includes meeting with legislators in influencing their decisions that affect physical education, jobs, and budgets. This November, I was elected as CFP President of IAHPERA at the IAHPERD State Convention. As CFD President, I will work with others to organize conventions, generate more involvement from students and universities, and establish additional opportunities for future educators."


Student learning in our department is not just a passive engagement. We encourage our students to learn by doing, and believe that produces the best results. While traditional methods of course delivery continue to be applicable and appropriate, we believe that student-active learning techniques promote deep engagement as students manipulate, assess, test, think critically, and move. While enhancing student learning, these opportunities also have a side benefit: they are fun!

Hands-on Opportunities in Athletic Training

Upon admission into the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP), students enroll in a clinical education course each semester in which they learn, practice and perfect the hands-on skills necessary for the field of athletic training. Students are assigned to approved clinical preceptors (instructors) who supervise and instruct in the areas of evaluation skills, therapeutic modalities, current rehabilitation techniques, emergency care of injured athletes and administrative tasks. All athletic training students will receive a variety of clinical experiences including intercollegiate sports, local high school athletic teams, a variety of hospital departments and a general medical experience at the EIU Health Service. The athletic training students also must complete a for-credit capstone internship experience. Previous internship sites have included Walt Disney World, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New England Patriots, the Chicago Cubs' Arizona affiliate, the Baltimore Ravens, Northwestern University Athletics, and numerous sport medicine facilities across the country. The ATEP focuses on integrative learning, taking the knowledge and theories learned in the classroom and putting those into practice in the athletic training setting to give our students the hands-on experience needed for entry into our profession.

Hands-on Opportunities in Exercise Science

The Kinesiology and Sports Studies undergraduate program has the opportunity for practical job applications and hands-on experiences in the Exercise Science degree through class work and internships. The Eastern Illinois University Degree in Exercise Science provides students with the scientific knowledge of the underlying principles of exercise training through instruction and practical experience. Students receive training in the areas of kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and exercise psychology. The ATP Lab gives students the ability to utilize hands on learning skills through comprehensive physical fitness assessments for all EIU faculty, staff, and students. Exercise Science students gain experience in conducting these assessments and prescribing exercise programs to patrons based on the results of the fitness tests. Students learn to both explain testing protocols and interpret results of various fitness assessments in helping clients reach their goals. Additional experience is gained through an internship placement in a fitness or clinical setting. Many local hospitals participate in helping students gain fitness experience with practical internships with clients including Sarah Bush Lincoln, Carle, and Springfield St. John's Hospitals. Upon graduation, students are prepared for employment in areas such as wellness centers, personal training, corporate fitness, and cardiac rehabilitation. The program also prepares students who desire to pursue a graduate degree in the exercise sciences.

Hands-on Opportunities in Sport Management

Sport Management students have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of hands-on experiences that extend the learning environment beyond the traditional in-classroom lecture-oriented setting. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of research and independent study activities that advance their knowledge of sport management content. These experiences are guided by faculty members who possess diverse research interests in the field of sport management. In addition to these experiences, each student must complete a for-credit internship that is in line with the interests and career aspirations of the individual student. This capstone experience can be completed with any number of sport organizations ranging from professional sports teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Cardinals, and Indiana Pacers to experiences with sport management and marketing agencies, community rec departments, or youth, scholastic and intercollegiate sport associations. These internships provide real-world learning opportunities that introduce the student to experiences beyond the classroom setting, drawing upon knowledge that has been gained throughout the students' academic careers.

Hands-On Opportunities in Physical Education Teacher Education

At Eastern Illinois University, students in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) are actively involved in helping elementary and secondary students to become physically active through a nationally accredited program (NCATE). Students have opportunities through observations, field experiences, and student teaching to assist learners at all levels in developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to engage in and enjoy physical activity. Students are challenged with a solid foundation of observation, theory, content, and methods courses that will prepare them for a career in physical education. The program blends classroom teaching and hands-on learning, giving students excellent opportunities to immediately apply classroom theory and to practice newly acquired skills in a real school setting. In addition, dance courses prepare students to teach dances in a K-12 school setting. Furthermore, PETE majors gain additional experience by assisting at local schools, coaching, volunteering at field days, attending state and national conferences, and belonging to the KSS Club. Upon graduation, students will be equipped to guide youth through the process of becoming physically active and healthy for a lifetime.



Study Abroad

Internship in England

Katie Murphy in England

Katie Murphy filled her internship requirement by traveling to Gloucester England to work with several different rugby clubs. Read more...



During a two-week residence on the quaint and friendly University of Winchester campus, students will study current management issues & challenges facing UK sport industry professionals in popular UK sports such as soccer (football), rugby, cricket, & tennis. On-campus study will be complemented by guest presentations by faculty at the University of Winchester and field trips to some of London's most well-known sport venues, including Wimbledon, the London Olympic Park, and Chelsea Football Club, as well as tourist points of interest in London and Southampton. See previous student blogs.

Study Abroad in England

Photo from Study Abroad in London

Studying abroad tends to be a life-changing experience for those who participate, both on an academic and personal level.






Physical Education Teaching Education Program

NCATE Accreditation logo

The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is a national organization whose standards must be met in order for teacher licensure programs to be accredited. The physical education teacher education (PETE) program at EIU underwent a successful NCATE visit in 2010. The NCATE team determined that the PETE program met all the NCATE standards. The PETE program is one of the top programs for physical education majors in the state of Illinois.

Athletic Training Program

Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training EducationThe Athletic Training Education Program at EIU received initial accreditation in 1994 and most recently received re-accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) in June 2012. The current accreditation cycle runs through the 2021-2022 academic year.


The AT program currently has a probation status due to not meeting the CAATE minimum 1st-time BOC pass rate of 70%.  The AT program currently has an action plan in place to meet the minimum standard.  Students who are not passing the BOC exam the first time have directly related it to not studying an adequate amount of time outside of the required BOC review class.