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Matt Feldhake, a Kinesiology and Sports Studies major, arrived at Eastern in fall of 2008 as an undergraduate student in Kinesiology and Sports Sciences. Feldhake quickly knew he wanted to go to graduate school here at Eastern. Feldhake took two years to complete the program instead of one, but this extra time gave him the opportunity to go abroad.

In May 2013, Feldhake studied abroad at the University of Winchester in England, about an hour train ride outside of London.

Matt in England

Matt Feldhake

Feldhake in the Chelsea Pressroom.


While abroad, Feldhake learned about the broad generalization of the sports industry in England compared to the sports industry in America. The biggest difference Feldhake noticed was that the sports system is separate from the school system. England has a club based approach toward sports.

"It would be like if the United States took college sports out of the equation and everything was like AAU Sports where they bring kids up through the ranks to the professional level," Feldhake said.

Feldhake also learned more about the culture through sightseeing that gave him real life experience. During his trip in Winchester, Feldhake went to a professional soccer game.

"That's their version of the NFL, but probably bigger," Feldhake said.

He also visited Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, the famous clock tower in London.
Feldhake's favorite part about the trip was the soccer game because he had never been to a game. He said the atmosphere was really exciting.

One of Feldhake's professor helped him prepare for the trip and travelled with the group.

"He told me it's good to get a variety of experiences in your educational background," Feldhake said.

Feldhake urges everyone to travel abroad during their college years.

"Do your best to take the opportunity because I got to learn new things, but I also got to meet different professors and people," Feldhake said. "You never know when you're looking for a job where you'll be located and the networking possibilities were one of the most important aspects."