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Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

The program provides students interested in the prevention, care, and evaluation of athletic injuries the necessary course work and clinical experience to qualify to sit for the examination leading to certification by the National Athletic Training Association Board of Certification.

Guidelines restrict the number of students who may participate in the AT Program. This number is in direct proportion to the number of “certified” clinical supervisors employed by EIU. Due to this imposed limitation, students are advised that their acceptance into this program is not an assumed right. Students must complete KSS 2130 and 2135 (beginning first semester Freshman year) in order to be considered for acceptance into the Athletic Training Program. All students must meet specific program selection criteria. 

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Athletic Training Course Sequence 
Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies

Sample four-year sequence (click here)


Athletic Training Course Prerequisites and Descriptions

KSS 2135 Basic Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (Fall) 
Primary causes of injuries; analysis of preventive measures; care of injuries in relation to the type of tissue involved.

KSS 2130 Athletic Training Practicum (Fall) 
Pre-requisite: must be enrolled in KSS 2135 
Practical experience in athletic training skills.

KSS 2136 Athletic Training as a Profession (Spring ) 
Pre-requisites: KSS 2130, 2135, or permission of instructor for Junior College transfer students with a minimum of 60 hours. 
Introduction to basic Athletic Training skills and procedures.

KSS 2137 Basic Skills in Athletic Training (Spring)
Introduction to clinical education in the ATEP at EIU.

KSS 3140 Injury Recognition – Upper Extremity (Fall) 
Pre-requisites: KSS 2130, KSS 2135, KSS 2136 
A study of the relationship of the upper extremity to various injuries, assessment procedures and immediate care of those injuries.

KSS 3800 Biomechanics (Fall) 
See course catalog.

KSS 3141 Injury Recognition – Lower Extremity (Spring) 
Pre-requisites: KSS 2130, KSS 2135, KSS 2136 
A study of the relationship of the lower extremity to various injuries, assessment procedures and immediate care of those injuries. 

KSS 3142 Therapeutic Exercise (Fall)
A study of indications, contraindications, physiological effects, resistance methods, and prescription relating therapeutic and injury preventative exercise.  

KSS 3143 Therapeutic Modalities (Spring) 
A study of physical principles, physiological effects, indications, contraindications, and standard operating procedures of all therapeutic modalities commonly used in Athletic Training.

KSS 3144 Seminar in Sports Medicine (Fall) 
Pre-requisites: KSS 2130, KSS 2135, KSS 2136 
A seminar approach to Sports Medicine as it pertains to Athletic Training, including but not limited to administration, legal implications, confidentiality, budget processes, insurance, facility planning and maintenance and contemporary issues and trends currently facing the profession.

KSS 3150-3154 Clinical Education in Athletic Training
Application of clinical skills in a variety of healthcare settings. 

KSS 3180 General Medical Conditions in Athletes 
See course catalog.

KSS 4275 Clinical Internship 
See course catalog.

KSS 4440 Physical Fitness Appraisal
See course catalog.

KSS 4460  Designing  Exercise & Sports Training Programs
See course catalog

KSS 4500 Research and Statistics in KSS
See course catalog

KSS 4741 Hospital Internship
See course catalog

KSS 4900 Pharmacology, Sports Psychology 
See course catalog.

ATEP Documents

For more course descriptions visit Eastern Illinois University 's 2013-2014 course catalog at:http://catalog.eiu.edu/