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Jessica Gadas
Jessica Gadas
Jcgadas@eiu.edu | (217)581-2215 | 1043 Lantz | Profile
Anthony E. Hallam
Anthony E. Hallam
aehallam@eiu.edu | Profile
Chloe Hough
Chloe Hough
cjhough@eiu.edu | Profile
Mark S. Kattenbraker
Mark S. Kattenbraker Associate Professor, Associate Director of EIU Adult Fitness Program
mskattenbraker@eiu.edu | 217-581-2215 | 2230 Lantz | Profile
Taylor P. Kent
Taylor P. Kent
tpkent@eiu.edu | Profile
Chase Naber
Chase Naber
canaber@eiu.edu | Profile
Stacey L. Ruholl
Stacey L. Ruholl Professor, Director of EIU Adult Fitness
slruholl@eiu.edu | 217-581-3510 | 2511 Lantz Arena | Profile
Maranda D. Schaljo
Maranda D. Schaljo Instructor; Associate Director Adult Fitness Program
mdschaljo@eiu.edu | 1417 Lantz | Profile
Jennifer Schober
Jennifer Schober
jkschober@eiu.edu | Lantz 1043 | Profile
Alissa Wegener
Alissa Wegener
anwagener@eiu.edu | Profile

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