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Dr. Jeffrey M. Willardson

Dr. Jeffrey M. Willardson

Associate Professor

Office: 2230 - Lantz Building
Email: jmwillardson@eiu.edu

Jeffrey Willardson's Vita
Mon. and Wed. 9-9:50AM and 2-2:50PM; Tues. and Thurs. 2:15-2:50PM

Current Syllabi

Frequently Taught Courses

Biomechanics of Human Motion

Principles of Exercise Physiology

Principles of Resistance Training (prep. course NSCA CSCS certification exam)

Lifetime Fitness (online delivery) 


Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise and Wellness; Arizona State University; May 2005; recipient of Outstanding Graduating Doctoral Scholar.

Professional Organizations

Member National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Education Board Member, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa).


Acute respones and chronic muscular adaptations resulting from different resistance training programs.

Selected Publications

Most Recent Scholarly Endeavors (total refereed publications to date: 69).


Willardson, J.M. Core Anatomy and Biomechanics (pp 3-18). In: National Strength and Conditioning Association Sports Performance Series: Developing the Core. J.M. Willardson, Editor. Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. 2014.

Refereed Publications

Maia, M.F., G.A. Paz, H. Miranda, and J.M. Willardson. Maximal repetition performance, rating of perceived exertion, and muscle fatigue during paired set training performed with different rest intervals. Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness (in press).

Matta, T.T., F.X. Nascimento, G.S. Trajano, R. Simao, J.M. Willardson, and L.F. Oliveira. Selective hypertrophy of the quadriceps musculature after 14 weeks of isokinetic and conventional resistance training. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging (in press).

Senna, G.W., E.Scudese, R.Simão, C.Queiroz, R. Avelar, E.H.M.Dantas, and J.M. Willardson. Effect of different inter-set rest intervals on performance of single and multi-joint exercises with near maximal loads. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (in press).

Simão, R., and J.M. Willardson, et al. Influence of load intensity on post exercise hypotension and heart rate variability following a strength training session. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (in press). 

Maior, A.S., R. Simão, M.S.R. Martins,B.F.de Salles, and J.M. Willardson. Influence of blood flow restriction during low-intensity resistance exercise on the post-exercise hypotensive response. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (in press). 

Garcia, P., D.C. Nacimento, R.A. Tibana, M.M. Barboza, J.M. Willardson, and J. Prestes. Comparison between the multiple set plus 2 weeks of tri-set and traditional multiple set method on strength and body composition in trained women: A pilot study.Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging (in press).
Pope, Z.K., J.M. Willardson, B.J. Schoenfeld, J. Emmett, and J.D. Owen. Hypertrophic and strength responses to eccentric resistance training with blood flow restriction: A pilot study. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching (in press).
Schoenfeld, B.J., B.T. Contreras, J.M. Willardson, F.E. Fontana, and G. Tiryaki-Sonmez. Muscle activation during low- versus high-load resistance exercise in well-trained men. European Journal of Applied Physiology (in press).

Schoenfeld, B.J., B.T. Contreras, G. Tiryaki-Sonmez, J.M. Willardson, and F.E. Fontana. An electromyographic comparison of a modified version of the plank with a long-lever and posterior tilt versus the traditional plank exercise. Sports Biomechanics (in press).

Scudese, E., J.M. Willardson, R. Simao, G. Senna, B.F. de Salles, and H. Miranda. The effect of rest interval length on repetition consistency and perceived exertion during near maximal loaded bench press sets. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (in press).
Tajra, V., D.C.L. Vieira, R.A. Tibana, T.G. Teixeira, A.O. Silva, D.L. Farias, D.C. Nascimento, N.M.F. de Sousa, J.M. Willardson, and J. Prestes.  Different acute cardiovascular stress in response to resistance exercise leading to failure versus not to failure in elderly women with and without hypertension: A pilot study. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging. 35: 127-133. 2015.
Tajra, V., R.A. Tibana, D.C. Vieira, D.L. Farias, T.G. Teixeira, S.S. Funghetto, A. de Oliveira Silva, N.F. Sousa, J.M. Willardson, M.G. Karnikowski, and J. Prestes.  Identification of high responders for interleukin-6 and creatine kinase following acute eccentric resistance exercise in elderly obese women. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 17: 662-666. 2014.
Maia, M.F., J.M. Willardson, G.A. Paz, and H. Miranda. Effects of different rest intervals between antagonist paired sets on repetition performance and muscle activation. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 28(9): 2529-2535. 2014.
Souza, D.B., R. Poton, J. Casonatto, J.M. Willardson, and M.D. Polito. Acute effect of caffeine intake on hemodynamics after resistance exercise in young non-hypertensive subjects. Research in Sports Medicine: An International Journal. 22(3): 253-264. 2014.
Tabana, R.A., D.C. Viera, V. Tajra, M. Bottaro, B.F. de Salles, J.M. Willardson, and J. Prestes. Effects of rest interval length on smith machine bench press performance and perceived exertion in trained men. Perceptual & Motor Skills. 117(3): 682-695. 2014.

Selected Conference Presentations

International Meeting of Resistance Training; Teresina and Fortaleza, Brazil; March 14-15 and 21-22, 2015.
ENAF Physical Activity Conference; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; August 15-17, 2014.

International Sports Science Symposium; Sao Paulo, Brazil; October 4-6, 2012.

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