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KSS Club

Recognized Student Organization (RSO)


The KSS Club is a registered student organization open to all students in the major concentration areas of: Exercise Science, Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE), and Sports Management.  The club meets 3 times during the fall and spring semesters.  The club has professional meetings as well as social events.  Each major concentration area may meet more times per semester as determined by each of the separate groups.


The KSS Club mission is to assemble KSS students into an organization dedicated to the advancement of all individuals by helping to create a better understanding of wellness, exercise, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and positive sport environments; as well as establishing networks in the KSS profession.


The primary goal of the EIU Kinesiology and Sports Studies Club is to provide support and learning opportunities for the knowledge and skills needed for careers in teaching, coaching, athletic training, fitness, exercise science, and sport management careers.  Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement as it pertains to physical activity, exercise, and sport. During the last 20 years, kinesiology studies have become an integral and essential part of cultivating a healthy and competitive society, with initiatives and programs impacting a broad spectrum of society.

Scheduled Meetings 2015-2016:

Fall Semester (Tuesdays, 8 p.m. in the Lantz Building Kinnard Club Room unless changed)

Sept. 1;            Sept. 22;          Oct. 20;           Nov. 17

Spring Semester (5:00 p.m. in the Lantz Building Kinnard Club Room unless changed)

Feb. 9;             Mar. 2;             Apr. 7;      Apr. 17 (2pm Shannon Run)

Meeting Structure:  Each meeting begins with a 5-10 minute social/snacks/icebreaker, followed by a work session pertaining to the KSS Club Focus Activity for each semester (approx. 30 min.).  After the work session, there will be a break-out session for each of the 3 discipline groups (approx. 30 min. or longer as each group needs).  Meetings will last approximately one (1) hour.  Social events are designed for students in the club to interact with each other through a variety of fun activities (examples:  bowling, bags, softball, volleyball, etc.).  Each of the 3 discipline groups may schedule additional meetings throughout the year at their discretion.  The club encourages students to be active members in the KSS Club and their respective discipline specific club activities.

KSS Club Focus Activity by Semester:

Note:  Each club assigned to the given Focus Activity would drive the discussion for committees such as technology, volunteers, safety, or community support, or whatever the need might be. Then, students would get to choose a committee from the list of committees generated for each of the KSS Club Focus Activities.

Focus Activities Might Include:

  • Shannon Booth/Run
  • Health Fair Booth
  • IAHPERD State Convention Volunteers
  • IAHPERD Mid-State Convention Volunteers
  • Friend for a Day at Lakeland College
  • Shape Up Illinois
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Other Service Opportunities:  http://www.eiu.edu/volunteer/

Club Dues:

  • $10 per semester
  • Club Dues Special:  $20 per year includes a KSS T-shirt 
  • Additional Dues for Club Specific Needs TBA

*Official KSS Club T-shirt Designer - Rob Moeller - RobDmoeller@Gmail.com

Where Dues Go / how spent:

  • Student dues go to their discipline specific club
  • Money is spent for all club activities as needed and available.

2015-2016 Student Executive Board and Faculty Advisors: to be voted on Spring of Previous Academic Year or first meeting of the Fall Semester of each New Academic Year:




KSS Club Faculty Advisor(s):

Dr. Nancy Crone




Exercise Science Faculty Advisor(s)

Ms. Maranda Schaljo

Ms. Traci Worby



Ex. Science President

Jessie Freudenthaler


Ex. Science V-President

 Joann Wakefield


Ex. Science Secretary

Angelena Tornabene


Ex. Science Treasurer

 Tyler Fleck


PETE Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Scott Ronspies

Dr. Kevin Hussey



PETE President

Jenna Stokes


PETE Vice President

Michelle Schultz


PETE Secretary

Jason Weis


PETE Treasurer

Karson Hahn


Sport Management Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Kristin Brown

Dr. Tony Oliver



Sp. Mgt. President

Jimmy Bettenhausen


Sp. Mgt. Vice President

Ma'Chana Ambrose


Sp. Mgt. Secretary

Skye Magnus


Sp. Mgt. Treasurer

Sean Everly


Sp. Mgt. KSS Club Rep

Bethany McGinness



Social Media – KSS at EIU

Facebook and Twitter will be utilized to announce upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations.

KSS Honors Status and Honor Cord Eligibility/Requirements

This is an honorary club at Eastern Illinois University “nested” within the KSS Club.  You become an official member of this club and eligible to earn Honor Cords at Graduation when the following criteria are met:

  1. Minimum 3.25 GPA
  2. Active member of the KSS Club and discipline specific club defined by:
    1. Dues paying membership for 3 consecutive semesters
    2. Attendance at 50% of KSS Club meetings for 3 consecutive semesters
    3. Documentation of active participation for one KSS Focus Activity per semester for 3 consecutive semesters
    4. One additional service activity and/or committee member involvement on campus each of your last 3 semesters OR serving as an officer in the KSS Club for one academic semester.   
    5. See list of Sample Activities below (not an exclusive list) that students could use to document service.
    6. To earn Honors Cords upon Graduation, a student must submit a professional portfolio (Fall Semester – Nov. 1; Spring Semester – April 1) to the KSS Discipline Specific Club Faculty Sponsor.  This portfolio will document your Active KSS Club Participation as defined above in #1 and #2 above in order to be approved to receive Honor Cords.  The two page Portfolio submission is based on each student’s personal honor system.  (See sample portfolio HERE).

Honor Activity Samples (Samples Ideas Only):

  • Athletic Events Volunteer Help
  • ATP Assessment
  • Health Fair Booth Volunteer
  • Carl Sandburg Jog-a-thon
  • Canned goods drive
  • IAHPERD Volunteer
  • Blood drive
  • Volunteering (Other University and/or Community Possibilities)
  • Committee Work on Campus
  • Undergraduate Research Involvement
  • Other service activities as previously approved by a club advisor
  • Other Service Opportunities:  http://www.eiu.edu/volunteer/