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What I learned in the journalism program is hard to describe in quantitative terms -- things like critical thinking and discipline often are. What I've gained as a result of my time there is easy to describe: opportunity. My opportunities were a direct result of the investment James, Mrs. J. and all the faculty made in the students. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I entered college. Being able to test-and-learn with the DEN and The Agency in undergrad saved me from what would've surely been an awkward foray into grown-up life. I'm grateful.

With the head start I had at EIU, I've worked for and with some of the world's largest brands and at two of the largest global communications agencies, Weber Shandwick and Ogilvy. I have a Master's degree. I've spoken at the International PR Research Conference in Miami twice, and my thesis was published in PR Journal. I tell people I went to EIU; people often scoff. I tell them I went to EIU's J-school, and those who know anything about journalism are duly impressed.

-- Matt Kelly - '08