Financial Manager Series (RAMS)

The job of a financial manager is fraught with complicated procedures and requirements. Even if you don’t fill out the forms, you need to know what you are signing. What are the quickest ways to find out the correct way to do things and avoid trouble at the end of the year? Attend a RAMS session!

If you are a financial manager or if you perform the duties of one, you need to attend these one-hour workshops. Fiscal responsibility cannot be taken lightly and should be clearly understood. To become familiar with or to review the duties of financial managers, please click on the Duties and Responsibilities PowerPoint below.

Financial Manager: Duties and Responsibilities  (Powerpoint)

To view or sign up for upcoming RAMS workshops, go to the registration page.

If you were not able to attend or wish to review the RAMS program materials that are presented, please contact our office or the contact person listed below.

RAMS Workshops

Accounting Organizations and Statements
Business Office - Contacts

217-581-7569, (5590 or 7652)

Fixed Assets/Inventory
Business Office, 217-581-8327

Grant Accounting
Business Office, 217-581-7752

Grant Applications/Contracting
217- 581-2711

Information Security
ITS, 217-581-1942

Internal Auditing 
(217)- 581-5018

New Fund/Org Request
non grant 217 581 7753, Grant 217 5817752 

Non-Resident Alien Tax Reporting
Payroll, 217-581-2214 or Business Office 217-581-7750


 Purchasing Card (P-Card)
 217-581-6010 or (7745)


Procurement (Requisition, Purchase Order, etc):
Procurement 217-581-7268

Property Management
217-581-7221 or (7112)

Receipts/Cash Funds/Deposits 
Business Office, 217-581-6446

Records Management
Cathy Kimball, 217-581-3318

Safeguarding Private Information
FERPA: 217-581-3511
HIPAA:  217-581-7778
Security  217-581-1942
GLBA: 217-581-1942
IPA: 217-581-7249

Student and Extra Help Employment Processes
Student: Student Employment 217-581-5227
Extra-Help: Employment/ Exam 217-581-5399

Graduate Assistants- Grad School 217-581-2220



Year-End Procedures
(Click on Accounting)