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The Leading Edge strengthens supervisory skills by exploring key management concepts, sharpening communication and leadership abilities, and applying public sector experience and knowledge to university-specific situations. It is a year-round program presented through the Department of Human Resources. To receive The Leading Edge certificate, you must complete the mandatory modules as well as three of the elective modules listed below.

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The schedule is subject to change.

**Due to budgetary uncertainty, The Leading Edge for 2016 will be postponed until further notice.  Please check back or email Julie Benedict, jabenedict@eiu.edu, if you would like to be notified when the schedule is released.

20105 Dates Workshop
January 28 Introduction and University Organization (mandatory)
February 19 (Full Day)
Adventures in Leadership and Team Building
(mandatory, counts as 2 workshops)
March 25  The Respectful Workplace (mandatory/elective)*
April 14 Performance Evaluation (mandatory)
May 13 Labor Contracts and Discipline (mandatory)
June 18 Effective Communication (elective)
July 7 Dealing with Difficult People (elective)  
August 5 Ethics For Supervisors (elective)
September 10 Working with and Developing Student Workers (elective) 
October 8 Time and Stress Management (elective)
October 20 Legal Responsibilities and Safety (mandatory)
November 4 Respect: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts (mandatory/elective)*
November 19 Managing University Resources (mandatory)
December 1 Interviewing, Hiring and Retaining Employees (mandatory)
December 10 Leading Edge Graduation

* - The Respectful Workplace and Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts are electives and mandatory.  You are required to attend one of the two as a mandatory session.  If you do not attend The Respectful Workplace, then Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts will become your mandatory.  If you attend both, one will count toward a mandatory and the other will count as an elective.

Classes will be conducted from 8 a.m. until noon. One exception is Adventures in Leadership and Team Building, which is a full-day session and counts as two modules.

This schedule will be reviewed during the first module and may be modified depending on the schedules of the employees attending the classes.