The Leading Edge Graduates

The Leading Edge began in 2002 and has graduated over 180 EIU employees.



Misty Baker -Family and Consumer Sciences/Child Care Resource and Referral, Julie Davis - Informational Technology Services, Marie Finney - Financial Aid, Bonita Flynn - Panther Print and Copy Center, Cheryl Gilbert - Vice President for University Advancement, James Gilbert - Facilities Planning and Management, Al Haga - Facilities Planning and Management, Cindy Hutchison - Office of University Advancement, Charles Jenkins Jr. - Housing and Dining, Misty Light - Vice President for Business Affairs, Jeff Marlo - Human Resources, Marschelle McCoy - Biological Sciences, David Smith - Information Technology Services, Karenlee Spencer - Admissions, Jennifer Spracklen - Procurement, Disbursements, and Contract Services, Debbie Timmons - Mail Services, Eileen Trimble - Academic Advising Center, Lisa Walker - Housing and Dining, Ed Warpenburg - Housing and Dining, Sandra Wheeler - Foundation Accounting, Vance Woods - Facilities Planning and Management


Jeremy Alexander - Housing and Dining, Tony Craven - Facilities Planning and Management, Lisa Dallas - Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences, Dan Deeken - Environmental Health and Safety, Michele Jones - Residence Hall Operations, Dr. Renee Kidd-Marshall - RN to BSN in Nuring Program, Felicia Magee - Family and Consumer Sciences, Pam Naragon - Housing and Dining, Matt Pederson - Facilities Planning and Management, Susan Propst - Procurement, Disbursements, and Contract Services, Marcia Shambaugh - Student Community Service/Fraternity and Sorority Program, Becky Shew - Telecommunications, Laura Smith - Housing and Dining, Amanda Starwalt - Financial Aid, Todd Thomason - Facilities Planning and Management, Penny Walk - Procurement, Disbursements, and Contract Services, Patty Watson - College of Sciences, Jeff Wilson - Facilities Planning and Management, Susan Woodyard - Panther Card Office


Linda Daugherty - Financial Aid, Bruce Duzan - Business Office, Marsha Figgins - Athletics, Chelsea Frederick - Alumni Services, Sara Harwood - Business Office, Tiffany Leschke - Office of Student Programs, Emily Ritter - Office of Student Programs, Randy Rodebaugh - Facilities Planning and Management, Kelly Simmonds - Human Resources, Jenny Stout - Financial Aid, Christine Ward - School of Business, James Williams - University Police Department


Sherri Arnholt - College of Sciences, Dana Barnard - Student Life, Cheryl Clapp - Information Technology Services, Leigh Cottingham - Business Office, Doris Darling - Financial Aid, Tonya Green - University Marketing and Communication, Travis Gresens - Information Technology Services, Jamie Hendrix - School of Business, David Jobe - Information Technology Services, Julia Kemper - Facilities Planning and Management, Tim Lewis - Information Technology Services, Kevin Linker - Camus Recreation, Shari McKinney - Facilities Planning and Management, Laurie Neese - Information Technology Services, Carla Nelson - Office of the Registrar, Donna Noffke - Employment/Examinations, Colleen Peterlich - Campus Scheduling, Ryan Risinger - University Police Department, Jessica Ward - Housing and Dining Services, 


Lisa Canivez - School of Business, Robyn Carr - Fraternity and Sorority, Rigoberto Chinchilla - School of Technology, Sarah Daugherty - Campus Recreation, Tami Duzan - Childcare Resource and Referral Center, Debbie Endsley - Career Services, Jo Gentry - Business Office, Carrie Gossett - Academic Assessment and Testing, Cheryl Hochstetler - Financial Aid, Paula Huddlestun - Financial Aid, Deanna Kelly - Financial Aid, Denise Lee - Admissions, Becky Litton - Internal Auditing, Ryan McDaniel - Communication Studies, Sherry McRaven - Internal Auditing, Carrie New - Women's Resource Center, Rhonda Nichols - Information Technology Services, Georgia Ryan - Nursing Program, Lionel Sanders - Facilities Planning and Management, Sara Schmidt - Honors College, Ryan Siegel - Facilities Planning and Management, Janie Steber - Academic Advising, Kim Sweeney - Center for Academic Support and Achievement (CASA)


Tami Babbs - Business Office, Chris Bartlett - Renovations Facilities Planning and Management, Kathy Chancellor - African American Studies, Dave Crockett - Facilities Planning and Management, Nacey Dole - Financial Aid, Kathy Ferguson - Information Technology Services, Beth Kastl - Journalism, Cathy Kimball - Facilities Planning and Management, Cay Kolling - Information Technology Services, Mary Jo Montgomery - School of Technology, Pamela Newby -Mail Services, Jo Anne Thill - Facilities Planning and Management, Joe Walsh - Information Technology Services, Deborah Woodley - School of Technology


Aaron Allison - Facilities Planning and Management, Kim Bagwell - Athletics, Marla Belden - Benefits Services, Debra Black - Facilities Planning and Management, Maggie Burkhead - Minority Affairs, Kay Carter - Business Office, Chris Childress - Facilities Planning and Management, Beth Craig - School of Continuing Education, Karla Drum - Panther Catering, Judi Konrad - University Union Book Store, Amy Richardson - CASA, Kathy Schmitz - School of Business, Brian Schneider - Housing and Dining Services, Renee Stroud - School of Business, Laura Sutton - Business and Technology Institute, Cathy Thomas - Research and Sponsored Programs, Judy Young, Information Technology Services


Cathy Brachear - School of Continuing Education, Angie Campbell - Financial Aid, Jeanne Dau - Business and Technology Institute, Kelli Davis - President's Office, Maria Dust - Chemistry, Cathy Frazier - Housing/Dining Services, Harold Harris - University Police Department, Shelley James - Academic Advising, Steve Lane - Human Resources, Michelle Morgan - Family and Consumer Sciences, Patty Murphy - Facilities Planning and Management, Steve Shrake - Facilities Planning and Management, L. Ellen Shupe - Student Teaching 


Audrey A. Bachelder - Bachelors in General Studies Degree Program, Merribeth D. Bruning - Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle Level Education, Missy Carey - Military Science Department, Margaret J. Clapp – Health Services, Ellen G. Coultas - Vice President for Business Affairs, Amy L. Edwards - Planning & Institutional Studies, William J. Elliott – International Admissions, Judy Gorrell – President's Office, Mary K. Harris – Military Science Department, Lennie K. Heddins - Student Health Insurance, Rex A. Hilligoss - Facilities Planning & Management, Phil L. Lang – University Police, Valerie Leonard - Building Operations Housing & Dining Services, Joni S. Lutz – Business Office (Student Accounts), Billie L. Rawlings – Vice President Academic Affairs, Nita Shrader - Health Services, John Sims – Business Office, Delisa J. Standerfer - Purchasing Office


Patti Bailey - Financial Aid, Sandy Black - Housing/Dining, Rodd Boyken - WEIU TV, Mai Dao - Budget Office, Adam Due - University Police Department, Laura Gesell - Business Office (Student Accounts), Jenny Hagerstrom - Health Services, Rosemary Harris - College of Education and Professional Studies, Jan Hinkle - Payroll Office, Linda Holloway - Benefits/Payroll, Karen Johnson - Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tina Leonard - Financial Aid, Denise Love - Safety Programs, Travis Magee - Facilities Planning & Management, Kay McElwee - Purchasing Office, Allan Rathe - Facilities Planning & Management, Katie Rice - Purchasing Office, Jan Spraker - Facilities Planning & Management


Rick Bagwell - Facilities Planning & Management, John Bailey - Facilities Planning & Management, Peggy Brown - Business Office, Eric Davidson - Health Services, Jan Dowland - Facilities Planning & Management, Cathy Gray - Facilities Planning & Management, Julie Griffin - Vice President for Business Affairs, Joyce Hampsten - Purchasing Office, Gary Hanebrink - Environmental Health and Safety, Heidi Hawkins - Facilities Planning & Management, Clay Hopkins - Telecommunications, John Looby - Media Services Booth Library, Steve Pearcy - Facilities Planning & Management, Charles Phillips - Human Resources, Tom Rennels - Facilities Planning & Management, Chris Sims - Budget Office, Teresa Sims - Business Office (Accounts Payable), Susan Smith - Telecommunications


Julie Benedict - Training & Development,  Mike Carter, Jr. - Facilities Planning & Management, Cindy Starwalt - Financial Aid, Joy Craft - Employment and Examinations, Melissa Gordon - School of Business, John Henderson - Information Technology Services, Margaret Messer - Honors Program, Gary Reed - Facilities Planning & Management, Phyllis Stewart - Business Office (Student Accounts), Carol Strode - Facilities Planning & Management