Keeping the Beat (with Heart Healthy Foods)


 February is Heart Health Awareness month.  The Office of Training & Development, in coordination with the School of Family & Consumer Sciences, is kicking off a new six-week program to celebrate!

When:  February 20 - March 30


Is the program for you?

  • Do you ever find yourself in the grocery store asking, what exactly is a flavonoid? 
  • Are you confused by which foods provide antioxidants, or what, exactly, antioxidants do for your body?
  • Do you want to eat heart healthy foods but need some guidance and support?


We want to help!


What can Keeping the Beat do for you?

  • Provide suggestions for good foods to add to your diet and how those foods will help your heart.
  • Provide presentations to explain categories of heart healthy foods,
  • Provide recipe suggestions to incorporate those foods (weekly newsletter, this website, facebook**)
  • Provide a network of other individuals who want to implement the changes.

**We created a Facebook group so participants can provide one another with feedback, suggestions, and support. Click onFacebook  and see what it's all about!



Registration is not required to be a part of Keeping the Beat; however, we ask that you do so we can make sure all communications are sent to everyone. One can also register anytime during the program. 

Please register here with the workshop titled, Keeping the Beat, today and join us in taking nutrition to heart!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Kelly Simmonds,, 581-3514 or Julie Benedict, 581-8415,