Human Resources Staff

Director, Old Main 2010

Dr. Richard Enyard
Director Human Resources

The director manages the Training and Development, Workers' Compensation, Classification/Compensations, Employment/Examinations, and Benefits Services functions of Human Resources and also serves as the ADA Coordinator for the University.

Cathy Brachear
Human Resource Assistant

Cathy works with processing background checks for employment, Workers' Compensation claims and bill processing, Training and Development, budget management, web development, and general customer service for Human Resources.

HR Fax Number

For all HR Departments

HR Information Services, Old Main 2148

Ken Gerhardt
Manager (IT)

Ken manages and configures data into usable formats for utilization by Human Resources, University Administrators and government entities primarily relating to benefits and salary information.

Benefits Services, Old Main 2031

Linda Holloway
Assistant Director 

Linda manages the Benefits area of Human Resources.

Amanda Zucco
Benefits Counselor

Amanda specializes in retirements, insurance, monthly disability, payouts and FMLA.

Denise Corray
Benefits Counselor  

Denise specializes in retirements, insurance, biweekly disability, payouts and FMLA

Thurman Etchison
Human Resource Representative

Thurman specializes in insurance, new hire counseling and tuition waivers.

Classification/Compensation, Old Main 2010

Jeff Marlo
Compensation Manager

Jeff works with the classification specifications and compensation plan for civil service employees.  He also deals with desk audits and performance appraisals.

Employment/Examinations, Old Main 2020

Carol Galey
Human Resource Officer

Carol manages Faculty and A&P contracts in Banner. 

Cindy Maples
Human Resource Officer

Cindy manages Faculty and A&P contracts in Banner.

Civil Service Examinations

This position works with scheduling and grading Civil Service Examinations, Extra Help employment, and screening potential employees.

Nina Milliner
Human Resource Assistant Manager

Nina currently manages the Employment and Civil Service Examinations functions.

Donna Noffke
Human Resource Officer

Donna manages Civil Service Examinations and Extra Help employment.  She also serves on the Recruiting Team which is striving to increase the qualify and diversity of EIU's applicant pool.

Julie Wilkerson
Human Resource Officer

Julie's main duties include working with filling Civil Service vacancies, inputting data into the Banner system, and the writing and posting of ads for Civil Service vacancies in various required and optional venues.  She also serves on the Recruiting Team. 

Payroll, Old Main 2011

Business/Administrative Associate

This position manages the payroll department and oversees the processing of biweekly and monthly payrolls.

Marsha Gray
Payroll Specialist I

Marsha maintains, prepares and processes the biweekly and monthly payrolls.

Erica Thornton
Payroll Specialist I

 Erica maintains, prepares and processes the biweekly and monthly payrolls.

Laura Easterday
Payroll Specialist I

Laura maintains, prepares and processes the biweekly and monthly payrolls.

Merry Toberman
Procedures & Systems Analyst

Merry works with the Banner HR program, web time entry set ups, processing W-2's and assists IT in the development and maintenance of programs.

Training and Development, Old Main 2010

Julie Benedict
Training & Development Specialist

Julie is responsible for the development and coordination of professional and personal development for EIU employees. She is also Eastern's representative for the State and Universities Civil Service Advisory Committee for the Civil Service System.

Kelly Simmonds
Human Resource Officer

Kelly is responsible for the development and coordination of professional and personal development for EIU employees.

Workers' Compensation, Old Main 2010

Paula Embry
Administrative Aide

Paula is the administrative aide for the Director of HR, the workers' compensation coordinator, and the unemployment coordinator.