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To begin the process of applying for Housing as a Transfer Student, a housing application must be submitted before any other action is taken. A non-refundable fee of $50.00 is required with the student's application for a room within the Residence Halls and Greek Court. Once this has been done, the application will stay on file permanently.

In order to serve our incoming transfer students better, University Housing & Dining offers Transfer Student Housing in Ford, Weller and Stevenson Halls.  While not all students living in Ford, Weller and Stevenson are transfer students, these buildings will have designated areas that give transfer students the opportunity to live in a community with students who are transitioning to our campus having already completed some college coursework.  Students interested in transfer student housing simply need to indicate so on their housing survey sheet.

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After applying for a room in the Residence Halls or Greek Court, students will be given the opportunity to request a specific hall, room, and roommate.  However, physical space and prior assignments of returning students are limiting factors in being able to meet every student's request. 


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Timeline of Housing Assignment Process for students entering in the Fall
Timeline of Housing Assignment Process for students entering in the Spring