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Double Room
A double room is a residence hall room designed to house two students.

Double as a Single Room
A double as a single is a residence hall room designed to house two students, but reserved for one.

Deluxe Double Rooms (2 students)
A limited number of Deluxe Doubles will be available in Andrews Hall 9th floor and Thomas Hall North 4th.  Deluxe Double rooms are two rooms that are joined by an inside door. One room will be set up with 2 beds and 2 dressers and the other room will have 2 desks. This setup will allow for students to bring
some of their own furniture.

Triple Room
A triple room is a residence hall room designed to house three students

Triple as a Double Room
A triple as a double is a residence hall room designed to house three students, but reserved for two.

Physical Single Room
A physical single is a residence hall room designed to house one student.

Available in Stevenson Hall and Greek Court only. Please visit the individual building page for specific room setup.

Discovery Learning Floor Community
The Discovery Learning Floor Community serves entering freshman who have chosen one of the smartest selections for a major, the UNDECIDED MAJOR.  This learning community is specifically designed for new Eastern Illinois University students that have yet to determine their field of study, regardless of whether the student is unsure of a field or because the student wants to raise their career awareness before focusing on a specific field.  In the Discovery Learning Community students guided by Career Services, Academic Advising, and University Housing and Dining learn about and experience many career options, especially ones that are less well known but highly recruited.  If you are looking for a results-oriented program that is specifically designed to help students make career and major choices that fit their budgets, values, and aspirations, then this is the program for you!   The Discovery Learning Community is housed in Taylor Hall on 1st floor South Tower for males and 3rd floor South Tower for females.  This program allows undecided students to live with other undecided students that will participate in professional development programs and experiential learning opportunities that result in an academic plan that best suits the student. 

Honors Housing Floors
Programming efforts on these floors are coordinated by University Housing & Dining Services in conjunction with the Honors College and will be geared toward the EIU honors student community. Honors students receive priority assignment based on availability on Honors Floors. 

Quiet Lifestyle Floor Community
Quiet Lifestyle Floor Communities (QLFC) are residence hall floors that have extended quiet hours (beyond the traditional courtesy hours of other communities) to promote an academically conducive environment of study through stricter enforcement of noise policy violations. QLFC at EIU restrict noise levels that can be heard more than one door away from a resident’s room at all times during the day except during relief hours.  Relief hours restricts noise levels that can be heard more than three doors away with special note that courtesy hours are always in effect which means if a neighbor asks for the noise level to be adjusted at any time during the week, residents must comply.  Relief hours for QLFC are as follows:  Sunday-Thursday 4-7pm and on Friday and Saturday 4-10pm.  During final exam weeks the entire campus has intensive study hours that start at 12:01am on Sunday and goes until the buildings close for the semester at 6pm on Friday.  Relief hours during this time for all floors across campus are 12-1pm, 5-6pm, and 10-10:30pm each day.

Transfer Housing Floors
Available for those new to EIU, but not necessarily new to college.