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Night Assistant Position

The Night Assistant Program offers one of the more unique jobs you can have while you are in college; no other job will give you the type of interaction with the university as this position will. The Night Assistant position is unique as it allows you to interact and view a side of campus that no one else gets to see. Our hours are from 12am-4am. As a Night Assistant you will be the eyes and ears for the university while others are fast asleep, you will work closely with a student supervisor and assist the University Police Department. The Night Assistant position provides real-life experiences in working with and helping other people, conflict resolution, policy enforcement and helping to ensure campus security. Necessary skills to be productive at this type of position are the ability to confidently confront situations, take instructions as needed, assist residents with questions or concerns.

If this sounds like an opportunity you may be interested in, it is encouraged that you apply by clicking the application link to the right. The Night Assistant program is constantly looking for new students to join the program. Please take your time and fill out the application completely and honestly. If you are not contacted right away, do not be discouraged, an opportunity in the program may become available sooner than you would think.