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What to Bring

When you move in on campus don't forget to bring these important items. If possible, we suggest that you communicate with your roommate to decide who will bring what to your new home!

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• Dolly for moving in   • Pillows, bed linens, blankets, etc
• Fan   • Radio, Stereo, Headphones
• Alarm clock   • Towels and wash clothes
• Clothing hangers   • Pens, pencils, paper, envelopes, etc.
• Toiletries   • Bucket for shower items
• Umbrella   • High Efficiency Laundry detergent, laundry basket/bags
• Can opener   • Flashlight
• Posters   • Glasses, plates & silverware
• Iron   • Backpack
• Phone   • Fused multiple electrical outlet strip
• Cable-ready television   • Microwave ovens not to exceed 900 watts
• Refrigerators not to exceed 5 cubic feet   • Personal computer, 10/100 LAN Ethernet adapter card and a 10 minimum category 6 cable

Items that should be left at home:

    • Electric blankets
    • Cooking appliances other than microwaves 
    • Portable electric heating units 
    • Halogen lamps without safety grid and wattage over 300 watts 
    • Candles, incense and other open flames
    • Hoverboards