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Lincoln Hall, in conjunction with its male counterpart, Douglas Hall was completed in 1952. Lincoln Hall was a much needed addition to female housing 44 years after Pemberton Hall was built, but was originally planned to house men. The site for Lincoln replaced Trailerville, which was located west of McAfee Gymnasium on the corner of what is currently Fourth and Grant Streets. Originally designed to house 194 occupants in 77 rooms with six bathrooms, Lincoln provided the women laundry facilities, a common dining room, recreation room, and several kitchenettes. The weekly board cost of Lincoln Hall was $14.50. According to a Daily Eastern News article in March 1952, students were excited about the more contemporary design and furnishings. “The furniture is in three color schemes – soft red, dainty green and gray…while every room is furnished with draperies and bedspreads”. In 1952, the Eastern News stated the hall and its amenities were much like a modern-day hotel. The total cost for construction of Lincoln and Douglas Halls was $900,000.


As more residence halls were built and the campus population grew, more housing spaces for men were needed. In 1959, Lincoln Hall began to house only men and did so until 1966.

In the summer of 2010, Lincoln Hall under went major renovations for the remodeling of the bathroom styles in the hall corridors. Traditional-style community bathrooms with toilet stalls, showers and sinks were replaced by “pods” which are semi-private restroom and shower rooms with a common area sink. The space needed for the new pods eliminated six residential rooms, with an estimated total cost of this renovation nears four million.