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The second high-rise building on campus, Lawson Hall was built as a mirror image of Andrews Hall. Lawson Hall was another all-female housing option with 480 beds. The official opening of Lawson was in 1967. Lawson was the fourth and final building in the bond revenue series and completed the residential building in the university south quad.

The opening of Lawson was not without its share of hiccups. There was a delay in the order of bed frames, among other things which threw a curve ball in the opening and check-in process. In preparation for the opening of Lawson, residents living in Douglas Hall the year before it’s opening elected Lawson Hall officers.  In 1988, a new addition was made to the security measures in Lawson Hall as well as Andrews and Carman. According to the Daily Eastern News, on August 25, 1988, residents were now required have a key to use the elevators. Lou Hencken, who was serving as the Director of Housing at the time, implemented this procedure to prevent unescorted persons from having access to the floors.

Lawson Hall
The ladies of Lawson had their fair share of fun programming, such as a Mother’s weekend and a program for brides-to-be. They were also very involved in campus issues which directly affected their lives in Lawson. In fall of 1990, the parking lot located across from Lawson and Taylor Halls was changed to only allow faculty and staff parking. The residents banded together to push for part of it to change back to student parking. After a semester of voicing the opinion, the Daily Eastern News announced with an article on January 24, 1991 that the majority of the parking lot would be changed back to student spaces.

In 2002, Lawson became the temporary home for Fine Arts Departments as the three-year project of the Doudna Fine Arts Center was being completed. The departments occupied the second and third floor residential spaces. Today, second floor space has been renovated and dedicated to Conference Services, and provides a place for housing guests to stay as well as office space.