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The construction of Douglas Hall began in early 1951 and began occupying students on September 8th, 1952. Douglas Hall was the first residence hall at Eastern Illinois University to house men as the student population was growing and the need to provide housing for all students arose. The original occupancy for Douglas was 194 beds, and much like Lincoln, had amenities including a separate dining room, recreational rooms, kitchenettes, common floor lounges, and laundry facilities. In order for male students to live in Douglas, they needed to meet with the Dean of Men and place a $10.00 deposit.

In its first year, and each year since, Douglas has housed men who have interests in athletics. In 1952-53 Douglas had three intramural sports teams including football, tennis and basketball. The residents of Douglas also enjoyed spending time with the ladies of Lincoln by joining them for events such as building the Homecoming floats and house decorations, Wednesday visitation nights, as well as a Christmas social.


In summer 2009 the traditional community bathrooms were replaced with semi-private “pod” style bathrooms. With this style of bathroom students can enjoy the privacy of both a shower and a toilet behind a closed door with a community sink area. The cost of the project was approximately $3.5 million.