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The Discovery Learning Floor Community serves new students who are still deciding their major. This Learning Community is specifically designed for new Eastern Illinois University students who have yet to determine their field of study, regardless of whether the student is unsure of a field or because the student wants to raise their career awareness before focusing on a specific field.

The Discovery Learning Community is housed in Taylor Hall on 1st floor South Tower for males and 3rd floor South Tower for females. This program allows undecided students to live with other undecided students who will participate in professional development programs and experiential learning opportunities that result in an academic plan that best suits the student.

In the Discovery Learning Community, students guided by Career Services, Academic Advising, and University Housing and Dining Services learn about and experience many career options, especially ones that are less well known but highly recruited.  In efforts to link the out-of-the-classroom experience with in the in-class, the discovery committee has joined forces with University Foundation.

Not only will students live together, but they will take the University Foundation course together as well. If you are looking for a results-oriented program that is specifically designed to help students make career and major choices that fit their budgets, values, and aspirations, then this is the program for you!