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Faculty, administrators, and other University staff members have shown, time after time, their outstanding commitment to our student population by providing additional support for our students. The Faculty Fellows program aims to provide a bridge between the formal academic program and the out-of-classroom learning and developmental activities of residents.
Faculty Fellows

Studies have indicated that non-classroom interactions between students and faculty members can have a positive effect on student persistence and degree completion.  As part of the Faculty Fellows program, EIU faculty members engage students in activities outside of the traditional classroom setting.  They assist students on move-in day and attend various residence hall programs throughout the year.  These activities are simply a way for students to interact with faculty outside of the classroom to better meet the goals of the program, which are to:

  • Increase student engagement by promoting the personal growth and
    development of students through contact with members of the faculty outside of the classroom setting.
  • Provide faculty with an understanding of Residential Life including gaining a stronger understanding of the learning communities where their students reside.
  • Increase the student’s awareness of the intellectual, social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of their own development.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to learn from the professor’s life story - how they developed a passion in their area of expertise and how the student can apply these learning opportunities to their own passion

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