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How do I set up my TV?

You must provide a digital TV with a built-in QAM tuner, 10’ coaxial cable, and a TV remote.  

If your TV does not have QAM tuner, you can purchase digital QAM tuner (like the IView 3500STBII).

Connect a coaxial cable to the “video-out” port on "4 X 4” box located on the wall in your residence. Connect the other end to the “video-in” port on your TV.

Ethernet box diagram

Does Eastern provide coaxial cables?
No, but coaxial cables are readily available at most electronics stores.

I have missing channels
Set the input source to cable (not antenna), and run the auto-programming feature as instructed in your TV’s user manual. It’s preferable do an “all scan”, but be sure to complete a “digital scan”.

What should I do if my cable goes out, or one of the channels isn’t working?
Check the cable connection from the "4 X 4” box on your wall and TV and double check that your TV is digital with a QAM turner. Ask your RA for help if needed. Call 1-800-610-0797 if the problem persists.