Welcome to the Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College

The Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College is a center for academic excellence and leadership in the University by encouraging academically talented students to develop fully their potential through completion of suitable coursework in small classes taught by excellent faculty. Dedicated to nurturing students intellectually so they are equipped upon graduation to pursue their interests, the Honors College also encourages undergraduate research and creative activity, community service opportunities, study abroad experiences, and professional internships. This provision of an integrated academic experience contributes to Eastern Illinois University's acclaim as a university accomplished in teaching and research and focused on its graduates' success.

The Sandra and Jack Pine Honors College was founded as the Honors Programs in 1982 to meet the needs of academically talented students. In April 2014, it was named for Sandra and Jack Pine, Eastern Illinois University alumni, in recognition of their outstanding support of their alma mater. Honors encourages intellectual and social growth. Students interested in small classes, caring faculty, and administrators as well as carefully thought out courses of study should think about joining the programs.  Much of what you need is provided in one place - honors housing, advising, scholarships, research grants, priority registration, and, most importantly, a professional and committed staff.  Since 1982, and our original 56 students, we have grown to now include over 500 students representing all colleges and the majority of majors.