Showcase EIU 2015

Friday March 27, 2015, Papers 1:15-4:15 pm, Posters 4:30-6 pm


Presentation and Poster List

Art. Fantasy. Science. Astounding food. We've got it all at the seventh annual Showcase EIU undergraduate research conference. 

Oral Presentations

Session 1 1:15-2:15 Arcola-Tuscola Room

Public Speaking

1:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Richard England, Dean of the Pine Honors College


1:30 Questionable Social Media Experiments
Austin Mejdrich - Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Sara Gronstal, Communication Studies


1:50 After Dinner Speaking
Marques Brown - Corporate Communication
Faculty Mentor: Sara Gronstal, Communication Studies


Session 2A 2:20-3:20 Effingham Room

Science, Fiction, and Fantastic Literature

2:20 Good or Creepy: The Fiction and Reality of Cyborgs
Helen Plevka - English with Teacher Certification
Faculty Mentor: Marjorie Worthington, English

2:40 Lilith Lorraine
Kara Finlon & Jackie Sweeny - English
Faculty Mentor: Marjorie Worthington, English

3:00 Gertrude Barrows Bennett
Caitlin Danforth - English     
Faculty Mentor: Margery Worthington, English       



a Session 2B 2:20-3:20—Arcola Tuscola Room

Culture & Communication

2:20 Personalities and Paradigms: Is There a Correlation?
Caitlyn Strader - Communication Studies
Faculty Mentor: Rodney Marshall, Communication Studies


2:40 The Negative Depiction of Women in the Media
Ke'Ana Lampkins - Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Michael Gillespie, Sociology-Anthropology


3:00 Language, Power, Racism, and Heteronormativity: Marginalizing Language in Cultures
Rodney Fidel-Ndubisi - Communication Studies—Corporate Communication
Faculty Mentor: Rodney Marshall, Communication Studies


Session 3A 3:25-4:25—Effingham Room

Practical Applications across the Disciplines

3:25 Theoretical Application Paper
Sara Conway - Family and Consumer Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Kathleen O'Rourke, Family & Consumer Sciences

3:45 Benefits of Teaching Fife to Beginner Flute Students
Rebecca Warfel - Music Education
Faculty Mentor: Danelle Larson, Music

4:05 "So, you're a wedding planner?": How to promote wedding planning: The Basics
Kimberly Wetherald - Communication Studies- Public Relations 
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Gill, Communication Studies


Session 3B 3:25-4:25 Arcola Tuscola Room

Research across the Disciplines—

3:25 "Not Ladies, But Sisters": Roman Catholic Sister Nurses, Gender, and Domesticity in the American Civil War
Megan Kessler - History
Faculty Mentor: Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, History


3:45 State Unemployment Insurance Policies and Their Effects on the Unemployment Rate

Torey Leasher - Economics
Faculty Mentor: Linda Ghent, Economics


4:05 White-rot fungus, Trametes versicolor, as a pretreatment agent for biomass

Rebecca Ellingston & Michael West - Biological Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Canam, Biological Sciences


Poster Presentation and Buffet Dinner - University Ballroom, 4:30-6 pm

Testing Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1 Activity in the Presence of Type-2 Diabetes Drugs (TZDs)       

Sarah   Banister - Chemistry              Faculty Mentor: Mary Konkle, Chemistry


The Illegitimate Shadow Courts of Restoration England

John Bays -History                                        

Faculty Mentor: Newton Key, History


Political Culture, Region and Issue Definition as Factors in Illinois State Legislative Politics and Policy-making           

William Beltran - Political Science                                         

Faculty Mentor: Richard Wandling, Political Science


Dichloroacetate Toxicity to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells is Ameliorated in Galactose Based Medium     

Clinton Belott & Daniel Webster - Biological Sciences                     

Faculty Mentor: Michael Menze, Biological Sciences


Outdoor Recreation Interests Study for EIU        

Nicole  Blair - Recreation Administration                                         

Faculty Mentor: Michael Mulvaney, Recreation Administration


Using Technology to Introduce FCS to Emerging Adults

Margaret Borah - Art                                                

Faculty Mentor: Mikki Sherwood, Family and Consumer Sciences


Teacher-Directed Violence: The Role of Social Support and Work Stress        

Christina Bounds - Psychology                                              

Faculty Mentor: Lyndsay Jenkins, Psychology


Incarcerated, Transported and Bound: Continued Resistance Amongst London Convicts Transported to the Chesapeake, 1763-1775       

Michael Bradley - History                                          

Faculty Mentor: Charlie Foy, History


Increasing Oral Reading Fluency Using Repeated Readings      

Carissa Burge - Special Education                            

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Woodley, Special Education


From Selfless to Selfish: US Veterans and Their Request to receive basic Health Care

Jack Cruikshank - Political Science                                       

Faculty Mentor: John Morris, Political Science


The Bloodchild Binary: Gender and Power in Octavia Butler’s "Bloodchild" 

McKenzie Dial - English                                            

Faculty Mentor: Marjorie Worthington, English


Increasing Phoneme Fluency through Specific Strategy Instruction      

Kelsey  Ericksen - Special Education                                     

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Woodley, Special Education


Behavior Specific Praise: Increasing the Original Answers Expressed by a 3rd Grade Student         

Jacob Fryman - Special Education                

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Woodley, Special Education


The Effects of Pioglitazone on Liver Cancer Cell Bioenergetics 

David  Grimm - Biological Sciences/Pre-medicine                           

Faculty Mentor: Michael Menze, Biological Sciences



Trevor Hallett & Cody Strange - Athletic Training                                       

Faculty Mentor: Lee Ann Price, Athletic Training


PROM Board           

Hill Love III - Athletic Training                                                                     

Faculty Mentor: Lee Ann Price, Athletic Training


What Children Know About Mathematics: Investigating Children's Numeric Reasoning

Huei Yi Koay - Elementary Education                                                                                   

Faculty Mentor: Sham'ah Md-Yunus, Early Childhood Education


“Reveal to Me in Words the Mysteries of Spaceland:” Decoding Mathematics through the Narrative of Victorian Novels       

Heather Lamb - English                                                         

Faculty Mentor: Randall Beebe, English


Using PowerPoint-Based Social Stories™ with a Hearing Impaired Child        

Bailey  McClellan - Communication Disorders and Sciences                                                

Faculty Mentor: Angela Anthony, Communication Disorders and Sciences


Factors Affecting the Viability of Non-profits within Coles County, IL

Megan McQueen - Psychology                      

Faculty Mentor: Vernon Woodley, Sociology


A CVPA for the Homer Lake Nature Day Camp

Chelsea Prahl - Recreation Administration                                                   

Faculty Mentor: Michael Mulvaney, Recreation Administration


Facility Assessment Study for the Decatur Indoor Sports Center           

Jeremy Reusch, Shelbie Kearfott, Megan Kile, Stephanie Howell, Jeremy Handley, Kory Brown, Erika Kicher, & Erin Waller - Recreation Administration                                                       

Faculty Mentor: Michael Mulvaney, Recreation Administration


Effectiveness of Self-Monitoring to Increase Directions Followed          

Lauren Schaffer - Special Education                                                              

Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Woodley, Special Education


How ApoE4 Interacts with Estrogen to Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?     

Nicholas Smith - Biological Sciences/Chemistry                                           

Faculty Mentor: Britto Nathan, Biological Sciences


Centnerzwer a hundred years later: New additions to an old story        

Jacqueline Spaniol - Biological Sciences                                                       

Faculty Mentor: Kraig            Wheeler, Chemistry


American Modernity, 1880-1920    

Amanda Travaglio, Maryashley Dotson, Isaac Mier, Gabriela Miranda,

Cayla Mitchell, & Andrew Youhas - History                         

Faculty Mentor: Lynne Curry, History

The Effect of Biofeedback Training on One Repetition Maximum Chest Press Performance

Joann Wakefield - Kinesiology & Sports Studies                                                      

Faculty Mentor: Amber Shipherd, Kinesiology & Sports Studies


Languages for Young Learners     

Sarah Wojda - French

Lizbeth Arreola, Kenneth Micks, Cathryn Richardson, Matthew Wilkie,

Zachary Klunick, & Erica Sparnicht - Spanish

Helen Plevka - English

Sarah Micksch, Mary Ruettiger, & Mary Beth Xenakis - Communication Disorders and Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Christiane Eydt-Beebe, Foreign Languages