Qualities of Honors Faculty at Eastern

An ideal Honors Faculty member at Eastern Illinois University has ...

Two years of teaching experience;

Established an interest in the mission of the Honors College and Honors education;

A clear understanding how their teaching philosophy enhances the mission of the Honors College;

Participated in Faculty Development activities;

A record of experience in their field of expertise as demonstrated by post-graduate study, professional experience, research / scholarship / creative activity in the discipline or service to the academic discipline;

Evidence of interest in integrative classroom activities, including, but not limited to, interdisciplinarity, integration of academic work with the personal and/or professional development of the student, and reflection;

An earned graduate degree appropriate for the discipline; terminal degrees are required for those mentoring departmental honors research and thesis experiences;

Exhibited a commitment to mentoring; and

Approval/recommendation of their Department Chair, the Dean of the Honors College, and the Honors Council.