Planning the Exhibit

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We worked together to plan out the exhibit.            Mr. Riccio came to help us often.

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There were far too many meetings that lasted far too late.            We used a storyboard to plan the exhibit and the many themes and storylines.

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Dividing the group into committees got the work done efficiently...usually.

We used Adobe Illustrator to lay out the floor plan and walls of the gallery space.

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The Committees:

Curatorial:  Paul Baumann, Kara Long, Heather Mell, Dan Smaczny

Education:  Amanda Bryden, Sarah Hagye, John Weck

Design:  Toni Dauster, Sarah Hagye, John Weck

Registrar:  Kara Long, Heather Mell, Dan Smaczny

Photography/Web Design:  Amanda Bryden, Paul Baumann, Toni Dauster