12 February - 20 February 2004

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We did a lot of organization, planning, and lifting to initially set up the gallery.  Because Installation Week fell over a holiday, we did the majority of our construction on site, which created a lot of mess.  There were a few late nights, a lot of early mornings, and too many lists to count.  However, at the end, we created an exhibit we were proud of.

a14 - heather and paul.JPG (388872 bytes) a18 - piles of mess.JPG (374393 bytes) a31 - toni and heather painting.JPG (69903 bytes) a33 - dan sawing.JPG (63610 bytes) a37 - amanda and hog head.JPG (47602 bytes) a39 - stanchion wenches.JPG (68618 bytes)
Heather and Paul planning a platform move. Piles of split rails for fencing. Heather and Toni painting the center platform. Dan using the miter saw. Late nights already taking their toll. The stanchion wenches hard at work.
a49 - toni sawing.JPG (59362 bytes) a59 - riccio and heart.JPG (56533 bytes) a62 - trad boys helping.JPG (65543 bytes) a69 - matt cutting wood.JPG (71338 bytes) a71 - amanda and dan painting.JPG (55853 bytes) a70 - heather and sarah - stanchions.JPG (50619 bytes)
Toni cutting wood for stanchions. Mr. Riccio, who forgot Valentine's Day. Even the trad students came to help!  Matt Berry and John Rasel building frames. Matt Berry (trad) takes great pride in his work. Amanda and Dan painting hollow-core doors. Stanchion wenches and their booty.
01 - studio - heather and dan welding.JPG (72706 bytes) 11 - studio - paul and sarah.JPG (82001 bytes) 18 - painting party - girls.JPG (74549 bytes) 21 - girls working.JPG (57158 bytes) 28 - sarah toni heather.JPG (65616 bytes) 31 - mess - christian.JPG (62231 bytes)
Heather and Dan learned how to weld safely. Sarah and Paul work on a display case. The HA girls hold an evening painting party. Heather and Toni work on labels while Sarah paints the backdrop. Late night camaraderie between Sarah, Toni, and Heather. It's always darkest right before dawn - the mess.
32 - hog - kara and riccio.JPG (63876 bytes) 42 - hog - heather and riccio.JPG (63936 bytes) 51 - hog flying.JPG (85494 bytes) 53 - heather and hog kissing.JPG (58488 bytes) 57 - hog butchering - kara.JPG (164726 bytes) 59 - panels - sarah and paul.JPG (135606 bytes)
Kara and Mr. Riccio work on creating a hog. Heather, Mr. Riccio, and Wilbur. It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's Super-Hog! Late nights claim another victim. Kara and the hog butchering display. Sarah and Paul work on hanging panels.
60 - labels - toni.JPG (175638 bytes) 70 - firewood - paul.JPG (168544 bytes) 78 - hog - paul sarah and riccio.JPG (164067 bytes) 93 - paul painting rifle.JPG (139266 bytes) 83 - hog and group.JPG (182083 bytes) a29 - heather stretching.JPG (74246 bytes)
Toni works on making flip panels. Paul helps Sarah hang the backdrop. Paul, Sarah, and Mr. Riccio work to suspend Wilbur. Touch-up painting was a never ending job. Admiring the butchering display. Heather stretching after a hard day.