Hogpen to Hearth

Winter Survival on the 1845 Prairie

Sick of the cold?  Stop squealing and warm up around the hearth at Lincoln Log Cabin Historic Site's latest exhibit, Hogpen to Hearth: Winter Survival on the 1845 Prairie.  Starting in February 2004, you can learn skills ranging from the importance of hog butchering to the proper techniques of piecing a quilt and sewing a winter bonnet.

Planning Butchering Objects Installation Exhibit

The Class of 2004 is: Paul Baumann, Amanda Bryden, Antonia Dauster, Sarah Hagye, Kara Long, Heather Mell, Daniel Smaczny, and John Weck. We are most grateful to the following individuals for their assistance and support: Rick Riccio, Coles County Historical Society, Jeff Boshart, Matthew Mittelstadt and LLC staff, Gerry Baumann, Diane Weck, Lynne Smaczny, Tony Key, John Rasel, Matt Berry, Josh Fulton, and our professors at Eastern Illinois University. 

                                                                   Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site