Hog Butchering

Saturday 13 December 2003 at Lincoln Log Cabin

Click on thumbnails to view images - some images may be inappropriate for children.

100_1306.JPG (773910 bytes)  The hog is hung with a gambrel in preparation for butchering

100_1333.JPG (563936 bytes)Specialized tools are used to butcher a hog.

100_1323.JPG (984012 bytes)  The skin is peeled back and the fat removed.

Snacking during the butchering process. 100_1345.JPG (1363896 bytes)

100_1352.JPG (895104 bytes)  The entrails are removed and the inside cleaned.

The carcass is taken down and the butchering begins.  100_1372.JPG (734403 bytes)

100_1378.JPG (832182 bytes)  Many hands make light work while butchering.

The meat is taken inside to be ground in sausage.  100_1390.JPG (940573 bytes)


100_1408.JPG (825353 bytes)  The sausage is then stuffed into casings, which can be stored or cooked.  100_1411.JPG (1202356 bytes)