A Time for Every Season: Spring on the Prairie



Welcome to the H.A. class of 2000-2001's exhibit home page.
 Each year, through the exhibits class, H.A. students create, fabricate
 and install their own museum exhibit. Allowing for the opportunity of experiencial
 learning, the course encourages the students to assume the roles of curator, 
 educator, registrar, and designer. This year's class is working in cooperation 
 with the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site to create a temporary 
 seasonal exhibit entitled A Time for Every Season: Spring on the Praire. 
 Opening in Februray 2001 in the Sargent Gallery, the exhibit will encourage visitors to 
 travel back in time to spring 1845 on the Lincoln and Sargent farms where the season 
 dictated their daily lives and the tools they used.

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Last updated April 2, 2001