The program consists of two semesters of course work (fall and spring) followed by a six month internship in the summer and fall.  In addition to the two semesters, HA students must pass a comprehensive written exam at the end of the Spring term. 

After the completion of a six month internship, students must submit a graded and revised research paper that includes an extensive bibliography of the topic covered in the paper, and pass an oral comprehensive exam that integrates knowledge gleaned from the internship.  Use the menu to the right to explore the areas and courses covered in the new curriculum.


Master of Arts in History with Historical Administration option:


  • HIS 5010: Leadership in Museums I: Administration of Historical Organizations (3 credits)
  • HIS 5110: History Museum Exhibits I (3 credits)
  • HIS 5040: Research Methods in Local History (3 credits)
  • HIS 5050: History of American Architecture (3 credits)
  • HIS 5330: Material Life in America, 1600-Present (3 credits)



  • HIS 5011: Leadership in Museums II: Professional Development (1 credit)
  • HIS 5020: Historical Interpretation for Public Audiences (3 credits)
  • HIS 5030: Introduction to Archival Methods (3 credits)
  • HIS 5060: Historic Preservation in the United States (3 credits)
  • HIS 5090: Care and Management of Historic Artifacts (3 credits)
  • HIS 5111: History Museum Exhibits II (3 credits)



  • Internship in Historical Administration (1-12 credits, 6 required)



Box Fabrication  Artifact Selection  Exhibit Fabrication