Tobacco-Free Campus Advocate

Below you will find the numerous ways you could be involved with helping to make EIU a tobacco free campus. You are more than welcome to sign up for more than one position. These positions are volunteer and there is no set amount of time you have to spend involved with your position(s).

Tobacco Coalition Member: As a member you would be expected to attend the meetings held once a month. These meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month at 11am. You would also be expected to work with the other coalition members on ideas or events that may arise.

Social Media Proponent: You would be expected to help promote the whole social media aspect of going Tobacco Free at EIU. These include Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, signage, or any other social media that may be involved.  This could mean things such as sharing the Facebook page on your page once a week or help put up signs when needed.

Peer Educator:  The peer education program provides an opportunity for students to promote positive lifestyle choices among fellow students as well as sharpen, practice, and develop professional skills. A peer educator is an individual who facilitates the raising of awareness, the learning of knowledge, and change of behavior concerning health. These actions often occur in individual, small group, or large scale settings that involve a variety of instructional methods.  Peer educators have a weekly meeting that last no longer than an hour.  All peer educators go through training which is a semester long consisting of a one hour meetings per week.  After training, recruits will facilitate relaxed, informative, and interactive programs on a variety of health-related topics ranging from healthy sexuality to alcohol and drug abuse prevention. These programs will be presented to residence halls, fraternities and sororities, interested student organizations, organizations within the community (school system, youth groups, etc.), and academic classes. These presentations are either those requested through the HERC or those that the HEALTH peer educator has solicited on his/her own. 

Policy Monitor:  As a policy monitor you would be expected to go through a training session designed to teach you how to approach someone who is violating the policy. This training would be free to anyone who is interested and held here at EIU. Once trained you would be expected to help enforce the policy by making violators aware of what they are doing.