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Long ago when the first settlers came to America, they found fields full of tobacco.  Many of them decided to begin their lives on this great piece of land and farm it.  These tobacco filled lands have since evolved into a current place we call "Chew Vegas."  From the outside, Chew Vegas seems like an inviting place to be.  With its flashy sign and pearly gates, it really does seem like a great place to live.  Chew Vegas' main entrance has gates of pouches which is usually how people begin dipping.  As they get past the beginning stages of dipping, "Chewies" typically need more than a couple of pouches to satisfy their need.  Then they start walking dirt road of long cut tobacco.  The roads are lined with houses that are filled with empty tins and bottles of brown saliva.  Since the habit is socially rejected by many of the surrounding people, there is typically a storm of criticism from others.  The worst part is trying to get out of Chew Vegas.  The only way out is to climb over the Grizzly Mountains and make it down the other side.  Millions of people have attempted it and failed.  Some are as close to the top as possible and then fall all the way down.  The turbulent “winds of nicotine” constantly are swirling around their heads and trying to knock them down their path.  It is important that people prepare for their trek and keep their eyes on their goal.  Finally, they will reach the rainbow of "Freeville" and be completely removed from their haunted times in Chew Vegas.  In Freeville, everyone is accepted.

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