Sexual Health Presentations


Rubber Lovers

 The Health Education Resource Center provides FREE safer sex packets which consist of a variety of condoms, dental dams, and lubricants to all EIU students who participate in one Rubber Lover presentation and become certified. The FREE sex packets are given out once a month for an entire year.

Rubber Lovers Fall 2013 Schedule

Date: Location: Time:
1/16/14 MLK Union - Effingham Room 6:00pm
1/22/14 MLK Union - Martinsville Room 7:30pm
1/27/14 MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Room
2/5/14 MLK Union - Martinsville Room
2/10/14 MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Room
2/20/14 MLK Union - Charleston/Mattoon Room
3/3/14 MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Room
3/6/14 MLK Union - Charleston/Mattoon Room
3/19/14 MLK Union - Martinsville Room
3/24/14 MLK Union - Arcola/Tuscola Room
4/2/14 MLK Union - Martinsville Room
4/10/14 MLK Union - Effingham Room

Ask Check Tell (ACT)

This is an STI campaign which reaches out to EIU students to encourage Sexually Transmitted Infection testing.

Sex and Booze... What do you have to lose?

In the presentation, information is discussed about sexual health and alcohol use.

Sex & Booze is an hour-long presentation, students will learn the effects and dangers of mixing alcohol and sex. Students will also learn the 18 steps to safer condom usage, and will be certified Rubber Lovers at the conclusion of the presentation. This entitles students to one safer sex packet a month for a year, which can be picked up at the HERC. It is an interactive program that works best with a large group.

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Wheel of Sexual Health

This interactive game will test your knowledge on a variety of sexual health topics ranging from STIs to sexual myths. This program will also allow students the option to become a Rubber Lover. Come and join the fun and win a prize!

Women's Health

In this presentation the audience will learn about women's health issues. It is important to obtain certain skills and behaviors in order to avoid majors women's health problems. During this presentation women will be taught how to perform a proper breast exam, and the importance of annual pap exams.

Men's Health

Men's health issues are very important and we learn something new every day.  This presentation will provide men with the symptoms of common sexual health problems.  It will provide men the information they need to maintain optimal sexual health.