Current Posters

Below are the current posters being produced by the Health Education Resource Center.  To order specific posters, please fill out this form.  The HERC will email you when your posters are ready for pick-up!

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get stuck
HERC can Help HS can Help Screw the Flu Screw the Flu 3 C's Meningitis
 balanced eating  NA  hc  fruit  n5
Nutrition 101:Balanced Eating  Nutritional Analysis Fall healthy Cooking 101  Eat Me Fruit Eat Me Dairy
 N6  n2  n1  protein  aug/sept
Use Me Eat Me Grains  Eat Me Vegetables  Eat Me Protein  Rubber lovers Aug/Sept
 oct/nov  S1  S2  s3  s4
 Rubber Lovers Oct/Nov  Weekend STI Testing  Wrap 1 Wrap 2
 s5  s6  t1  t2  t3
 Wrap 3  Wrap 4 Unbearable  Birden Fishy
 t4  t5 6 pCK  alcohol posioning  b
 Otterly  Dog Gone Six Pack Alcohol Poisoning Shine Bright
 peer1  p2  m  n


 Peer Ed 1  Peer Ed 2  Role Model  Hero