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Program Overview

Freedom From Smoking® is a tobacco cessation clinic program created by the American Lung Association and launched in 1981. This program has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit since then.

The program consists of 8 sessions delivered to participants by a trained Freedom From Smoking® facilitator. Each session lasts about 90-120 minutes. Typically the class size is kept small with a limit of 12 participants allowed in a class.

Topics discussed during the program will help smokers think about why they want to quit, the barriers to quitting that may stand in their way, how to overcome barriers to quitting, ways to boost motivation, tools to successfully quit, overcoming urges, dealing with stress, and maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle. The program is structured in such a way that participants will have the confidence and the know how to successfully quit smoking. The group setting allows for a support network of others that will be joining you on this road to becoming an ex-smoker.

More information about this program can be found by visitingthe information page at the American Lung Association.

Freedom From Smoking® at EIU

The Health Education Resource Center has astaff that have successfully completed the Freedom From Smoking® facilitator training and have been approved by the American Lung Association to offer thisprogram at Eastern Illinois University.

Upcoming Clinics

The next clinic will be announced soon! Check back for updates!

Cost for EIU Students, Faculty, & Staff

The cost of this program is offered at an incredibly reduced rate of $50.00 per participant with $40.00 being refunded to the participant at the end of the clinic if they attend 7 out of 8 sessions.

Missing 2 or more sessions will lead to the $50.00 being non-refunded. However, participants that miss 2 or more sessions are able to register for a future clinic offered through the Health Education Resource Centerat no additional charge.

Check or cash is accepted and must be paid by Session1 (first week of the program). Please make checks out to "HEALTH Peer Education."

Registration Information

The typical clinic classsize is between 10-12 participants with a minimum of 7 participants enrolled for the class to take place. Payment of $50.00is paid at the first session.

A link to register online will be posted here when the next clinic date is announced!


Contact Ryan Messinger, Assistant Director for Health Education & Promotion, at 217-581-7786 or at rcmessinger@eiu.edu