Bulletin Boards To Go

Throughout the year, the Health Education Resource Center creates FREE pre-fabricated bulletin boards on a wide variety of health topics for resident assistants and campus departments.


Ready to Place Your Order?

Simply fill out the online order form and a prepackaged Bulletin Board to Go will be sent to you right away.  Click here to place your order.  If you have any questions, please contact the Health Education Resource Center at 581-7786 or at herc@eiu.edu.



Bulletin Boards Available By Topic:



nutrition1 nutrition2
Nutrition on a Budget Let's Get Physical
 Diabetes Buletin board  fads
 Diabetes in College  Fad Diets
 Nutrition 101:My Plate  

Sexual Health

sexual1 sexual2
Healthy Relationships Partner Communication
sexual3  abstinence bb2go
Contraceptive Choices  Abstinence
 STI testing  sexual health
 STI Testing  Sexual Health


Alcohol/Substance Abuse Education

caffeine party smart
Caffeine Party Smart
chew  mari
Chew Vegas  Marijuana, K2, Salvia
 meth  Alcohol Poisoning
 Methamphetamine  Alcohol Poisoning
bystanderintervention     alcohol facts

Bystander Intervention

 Alcohol Facts


General Health

sleep knowledge stress
Sleep Knowledge Stress
 sleep tips  stressed out

 Sleep Tips

 Stressed Out!
 finals stress  Quit
 Finals Stress  Quit Smoking


Financial Health


budget plan  
Budget Plan  


Organizations and Events

peer ed peer education BB2GO    
"I am" Peer Education Peer Education 2013