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Six Pack Open Sessions

Research indicates that the first six weeks of the college experience is a critical developmental time for first-year students. At this time, students are adjusting to new-found freedoms and responsibilities. The Six Pack Program combines six education programs concerning how to deal with these freedoms and responsibilities concerning alcohol use. The Six Pack Program is held during the first six weeks of each fall semester.

Six Pack Participation

The Six Pack Program enhances what one is learning in classes, residence halls, and organizations. Other benefits include

  • a chance to network with faculty, staff, community, and other students;
  • an ability to recognize various departments and agencies which can assist students with resources on personal health and wellness;
  • information and empowerment in helping others with alcohol problems;
  • a chance to win a prize through the completion of all the components of the Six Pack Program.

The Six Pack Program is an initiative of multiple departments on our campus and in our community.

Six Pack Open Session Dates: Fall 2016

 9/7  TBA  Coleman Hall Room 1255 5 PM
9/22 TBA Lumpkin Hall Room 2030 7 PM
10/5 TBA Coleman Hall Room 1255 4:30 PM
10/18 TBA Lumpkin Hall Room 2030 6:30 PM
11/3 TBA Lumpkin Hall Room 2030 6:30 PM
11/15 TBA Lumpkin Hall Room 2030 7 PM


Request a Presentation

Throughout the year, various alcohol presentations are available to classes RSO's, residence halls, and more. The best part is we will come to you! If you are interested in requesting a program, please fill out a program request.

If you have any questions or like additional information about this program, please contact the HERC at (217) 581-7786 or e-mail herc@eiu.edu.